Thursday, June 3, 2010

the sweet assasin

as i'm doing an assignment relating to sugar subsidy,,,,so,,let me have a few words about the topic,,
ok,,there's np doubt that Malaysian most probably the number one fan of these sweet assassin,,,
a few weeks back,,,we can see hw the media served u with many congested issues relating to

the question is,,,Should we Cut of the Indulgence of Sugar Subsidy?
but lets hv a very mikro looks bout this,,,what happen if we remove sugar subsidy?
1)a move to promote a healthy lifestyle and discourage the citizens from indulging their sweet tooth..
2)Malaysia may End Up Healthier, With a Sugar Subsidy Curb
3)Malaysia cuts subsidy for sugar in fight against obesity
4)reduce the risk of problem caused by an excessive intake of sugar(obese,diabetes)

1)Cost of teh tarek, kopi-O, can and bottled drinks will all rise.
2)The cost of food will also rise because in a lot Malaysian & Chinese food, sugar is used.
3)The effect will be similar to when fuel prices were raised - the cost of everything went up and did not even come down after the price came down.
5)It would lead to price increase for more than 100,000 grocery items, at least.

well,,,both are correct,,there's no guarantee that people will stop the consumption of sugar in their daily live eventhough the subsidy is removed.The government should instead curb sugar smuggling....but in the view of professional health care...the removal of the subsidy may give agreat impact on the health and lifestyle of the citizens,,as we knw that,,,the rate of obesity and diabetes level in malaysia risen up to 29.1% from 16%...
some said that,,,we can still promote healthy lifestyle by conducting an awareness campaign to alert people about the sweet dangerous of sugar without removing the subsidy,,,


wah,,byk keje now,,,tp sempat lyn list of iklan petronas,,,n sedang nages,,,sbb tringat kat abah,,,i miss him!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

kelas sudah mula!!!

gud moning!!!huhu,,,today aku bangun ngn penuh smgt ni,(after having 3 days yg x brapa nak smgt)hahaha...ari ni klas i da stat lol,,,huhu,,,first on the list,,MTC 099,,,MAdam Sutina,,,,utk pemulaan aku rase die agk best,,,sgt enjoy td,,tp cm bese,,ade la a few thing yg buat aku act like syyiiaaaalll!!!hahaha,,,aku try nk jadik sebaik mgkin,,tp xtau la kalu it'll be a failure,,hak2,,,sbb secara azalinye,,aku ni bukan la baik sgt,,huhuhuhhu

p/s;kalo aku da benci,,aku benci la,,,
(notes xde kaitan ngn tittle)