Saturday, December 19, 2009


wanna know something..
i got no class for 4 days..
why i'm laughing??
coz i am the last person to know that we've 4 days of holiday..
this time.i am "lepaking" with Rihan and Sakinah..hehe
12 hours of sleep everday..hahaha..
i think if there is sleeping competition,we will be the immortal champion..hehe
even we enjoy our holiday that much,
we're doing our job..
i manage to finish my BEL313 assgmennts,and on my way of finishing my MTC037 which is an assignment about "THE EFFECT OF APPLICATION OF ISLAMIC LAW IN MALAYSIA"'s not a tough job...but i myself cannot find a way to tolerate with time...
when you're doing your job while logging in to Facebook
or MySpace,the job seems to be delayed..hehehe
of course,,no problem with food...hehe
-nasi puteh
-ayam goreng
-telor mate
-sambal belacan

they are enough for me in order to survive..hehehe
about bathing,,,i think it is considerable when u take ur bath quite late during holiday..hehee...understand,understand,and understand..huhuuhuhu
late night movie?
not a very good movie..
but it will be okay if u're lack of movie in ur hard disk,,,
emm...what else?
ooo yes...
i rarely play game this time..
coz half of my playmate are at home...
i'm the one who stuck here..
it doesn't matter...
luckily 4 me...
i am a "DO NOT CARE" person..hehehe
so,,keep on keeping on...hehehe

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

member-member-the contract of life

playing around while waiting for the sun to say goodbye..huhu
and picture taken by eny..hehe
well..mybe i've found the way to not bear in mind that my life is full of stress right now,,
although,it's burden me..haha
Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.
missing the moments..huhu

~~smiling mood~~

hallu there!!!!!
first of all,
i would like to say that
this december is my best december ever!!
in my last post
i did tell u that i was having a hard time
to cope up with study and curricullar activity..
plus,i did tell u about my participation
in UiTM Kedah Boria's team for Festkum 2009..
i was meant to be as back up singer..together with
adorable Aron Amin,
talented Pali,
cute Zuzu,
hot Apple
charming A.Faizal..
hehe...we made such a great team,,
in collaboration
with the beautiful and handsome dancers,,
Kak Yana,Kak Zati,Kak Wanie,
my dearest Nisa,Kak Kecik,
with our best actors,
A.Kecik,A,Faizal and Faris
and our golden Maha..
hehe....we made such a superb team..hehe

after 7 days of hardworking
we managed to perform well during the competition..
it was a big shocked for us the get 2nd place,,,
you might say it's ridiculous for us to win if you knew what really happen to us before the competition :
i'll tell u what

1)something happened to our bus
we stucked at the roadside of Jalan Duta for 2 hours
at that time,it's 7pm already

2)We had been scolded by urusetia UKM for our late arrival

3)xuxu having a terrible gastric pain,,poor her!!thanks to the guys!

4)we didn't have enough sleep coz we need to mend and alter the outfit for the competition

5)one hour for every outfit-it's 10 dancers
try u imagine!!!!

6)the dancers still didn't master the steps!
kak Yana-the coreographer started to depress!

7)the back up singers could not reach the note!
i didn't know why

8)maha-in trouble of remembering the lyrics that kept changing
again and again..

after dealing with too many problems,
we're hoping and praying to God to help us and our emotion and spiritualism started to going down,
the only thing we could do is

but we did try our best during our performance!!
God really blessed us,,
we got unexpected 2nd place for Boria
and managed to help UiTM
to be in 2nd place overall compared to other Uni all over Malaysia..
for sure,
We made our beloved Ayahanda,En.Jalil,proud of us..

Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia 2009 (FEStKUM ‘09) – 9 hingga 13 Disember 2009


Buat pertama kalinya Majlis Kebudayaan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia (MAKUM) menganjurkan Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia 2009 (FEStKUM ‘09) yang mengabungkan pelbagai bidang seni dari pelbagai kaum dalam satu kejohanan atau festival seni bersifat Gala.

Format FEStKUM ‘09 ini mengikut konsep sukan iaitu memperkenalkan Emas, Perak, Gangsa dengan perarakan Kontijen Seni Budaya setiap IPT yang akan berlangsung selama 5 hari bermula bermula 9 – 13 Disember 2009. UKM,UPM,UM dan UITM sebagai penganjur bersama FEStKUM ‘09 yang akan di jadikan venue pertandingan. Semestinya acara yang menjadi tumpuan adalah Pertandingan Dikir Barat antara Universiti-universiti yang di adakan pada 9 Disember 2009



Jadual penuh setiap acara pertandingan boleh di dapati di laman web rasmi FEStKUM ‘09.