Saturday, December 5, 2009


for now,my days are full of stress,,
not a bad one..but the good one..
i am busy handling my work,,
arranging my time,
coz i am really out of time..
u know..
i'm in the UiTM Kedah Boria team.,hehe
i don't know why..
at the first day training,,i thought i only need to be the back up voice for the
which is Abg Mahar..
something else happened..
I had to dance and yet..
i manage to learn a few steps,,
there is also a step calls
"action kame's step"
together with my friend Nisa,
we actually dancing,,
i'm quite good at it,,
i am never thought that my body is quite flexible...hehe
about 3 days of 10 hours training per day,
it is extra challenging for me..
i get the chance to make new friends with
-Abg Faizal
-Abg Dan
-Abg Kecik
-Abg Abbas
-Kak Zati
-Kak Wanie
-Kak Kecik
-Kak Yana(the coreographer)
-Abg Haqeem
-Abg Syafiq
-Abg Jalil
-Abg Faris
they are very nice...
able to make me and Nisa like a part of them eventhough
i already know that there is a lacuna between
Pre Lawrian

i'm not going to write long today..
a cause i really have long day to go today,,
we will compete for FESTKUM
(Festival Kesenian Universiti Malaysia)
and present our 1 MALAYSIA boria at
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
but,we will be staying at UiTM Shah Alam for a day due to the launching event,,
hope we manage to do better at the competition..
wish me luck!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2nd december 2009~yesterday~

it was one of the best day of my life..
we had no class yesterday..
so we decided to make our move to CS
longed for MR PIZZA..hehe
but before going to CS
i was making some budget list
so thAt we would not overpaid..

what do you think?
well..we managed to obey what we had planned..
tabbikk for us!!
actually we urged t play bowling.
but after 10 minutes choosing the package,
the bowling's staff said
"sory la dik,lane penoh la"
sial kn???
so,,we walked away from the bowling centre and went to a "barakah" place which
somehow,I stunned when I heard a very familiar voice sang
"My Heart Will Go On"
Lala was on the air,,
live singing beb!!
but I did not sat there for long cause my effort of going to CS was all about eating PIZZA!!

where's xixi?

xixi,,thanks for the cake,,really appreciate dat!
then we were all get ready to go back
and wait for Uncle Taxi near Maybank..

overall,i Enjoyed my company with them..hehehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my dearest teletubbies..

Ayunie Izzatie
"miss know evrythingg"

my little man

"the little princess"
Nur Udaimatuttasnim

i love them!!

goody2 day came again

when i went to class this morning,
all alone
my deareest classmates was wishing me hepi besday
and sang again..hehe
i got a present..
couldn't bear to not open it..
so,i opened it..
it was musical jewelry box
pink in colour
and had a lonely young girl hugging a star..
i guessed it's me..
thanks to xixi and nurul for that beautiful present..
now,i had a place to put my bangles in..hehe

then the day continued with people around me kept wishing me hepi besday..hehe
after having MTC 037 class with Madam Rosnelim,
me,ema and amrah,xixi and the other Pre Lawrians
played handball..
it's been so long i didn't play that thing..heheh
but,i still got the style ah..hehe

i'm 18 on 1st december 2009

hepi besday to me...hepi besday to me...
hepi besday to me..
hepi besday to Cik Ct Atikah..
it's my besday today..huhuhu
at 12 midnight(not so midnight)
i receive a lot of messages wishing me hepi besday and luck..
thanks dear..
it's really meant to me..
i'm never thought that he will be the 1st person to wish me..
it was out of my expectation actually..
so,i just sent him
"wow,thanks.x sngke igt ag besday saye"
very excited..
then,farhana and the gang walked in my room..and ready in line..
i wondered
what the heck is they were doing..
well,they sang me a hepi besday song..
that was so sweet..
after that a troop of my beloved friends ambushed me,,
Alyn,melia pendek,eny,iera,ella,kiena and aufa
attacked me,,
again..the besday song played through the air..
they really made my besday sweet..
after huggy2 and kiss
alyn took out a piece of paper,
emm,i wouldn't call it a paper,
a very precious one..

there wrote wishes for me

after that
zizie called me
and she sang hepi besday song right from the balcony
at the 4th floor..
thanks zie..

Monday, November 30, 2009

1st DEC 2009

off to campus

after spending 4days raya at home..
i'm still no ready to get back to campus...
about raya:
RAYA is great,,,very2 great,,
well,as for me,,even during the raya i only eat nasi and kicap,
but eating it with my lovely family,
it has been such a great feast for me,,,hehehe
family comes first in everything,,
night before raya,
we are talking to lembu(s),
asking them what they feel,
the best thing i can say is
my dearest mokyah has prepared
with many kind of lauk..
1)ayam masak merah
2)kerutuk daging
3)paceri nanas
4)acar with perut lembu
for some people it may be unfamiliar a lil bit..
but all i can say,
it is delicious!!!
feels like eating it again and again...
this tima,we are celebrating our raya with our new born baby,,
i will upload her pictures later coz i'm having problem with my cable phone,,!
i left it at home!!!damn!!
everytime i say
"adik umar,,,senyummmm..."
he will make his redup face at me..
maybe that's the only style he knows when posing..hehe
the brilliant one..
she's showing off her bracelet..hehe
so funny..
i really love them...
like org tua kata,
"budak2 ni penyeri kite bile dh tua2 ni"
i think it's true..
my family?
i love them..