Tuesday, December 1, 2009

goody2 day came again

when i went to class this morning,
all alone
my deareest classmates was wishing me hepi besday
and sang again..hehe
i got a present..
couldn't bear to not open it..
so,i opened it..
it was musical jewelry box
pink in colour
and had a lonely young girl hugging a star..
i guessed it's me..
thanks to xixi and nurul for that beautiful present..
now,i had a place to put my bangles in..hehe

then the day continued with people around me kept wishing me hepi besday..hehe
after having MTC 037 class with Madam Rosnelim,
me,ema and amrah,xixi and the other Pre Lawrians
played handball..
it's been so long i didn't play that thing..heheh
but,i still got the style ah..hehe

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