Saturday, November 19, 2011


hello ! (bajet ade org bace blog) hehe
anyway,i just came back from MPH Mid Valley for Fazley's new book launching and today is my lucky day when i was called up to smack a ballon down tadi and to my surprise,Fazley asked me to sing a few lines of his quotes from the book. #CINTA.hehe..and i was like so nervous.
my hands,my voice...SHAKING !! (thinking of what music should i use)

and when i saw imran ajmain sit in front of me..i was like hey,why dont i use your song
and both of them #FAZLEY and #IMRANAJMAIN praised me for that !
"great voice ct"

and for sure i' jumping like a kangaroo (not physically jumping )
recall back six years before.
when i was in Form 3.Fazley come to my schools for the purpose of giving motivation session to all the prefect in the school.i was fuckingly excited when i knew about it but the excitement was called off because i was not a prefect back then :( but luckily i got a friend who knew hoow i adore this guy and willing to gimme Fazley's autograph and poster.and i still have that poster with me :) i pasted it on my door :) (and i even bought his album ,from caset to cd's) see..!

but since that my dream of meeting him in person remained a dream untill today yes today 19NOVEMBER2011 ,under the Mock Trial The Musical club,we were invited to go for the launching of his book :) and everything was like a dream come true then :) and i even told Fazley and all the poepl there about this story.and right after that "he grab a book on the table and give it me and said "take it,its on me "...(what do you expect me to react??!!)

omg i was so overwhealmed! up till now :P
and i got his autograph and not to forget ImranAjmain's too .and he was hell so very handsome!!!!! :)
and it was another great day passed :) memorable.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tired.westlife.evergreen.gazebo Fac Of Law.alla fonte.

to be honest,i have no idea what is wrong with me today.obviously i'm not enough sleep.and i dont have any heart to "eh hi,how are you.ade class ke?eh itu eh ini" no no no no...since my mood had been spoiled when i saw the curly specky creatures with green shirt in class this morning...(seriously aku rasa nk lempang je kau).

kurang ajar?(so what?!)

its been 2 weeks since you annoys me with your innocent look.(tak payah nk bajet dok dekat2 la)
cause it wont work.once i dont like you.i dont like you forever.

anyway,to make this post in line with the caption,while writing this,i am listening to the collection of westlife's song..together with mira and atoi :) (racist la mcm ni,makan subway tak ajak kan)
and just painted my hand and labelled it on the piece of cloth for environmental purpose (rase berbaloi ke macam tu?kain tu,cat t ,buat kotor environment ade lah) hahhaa...but i'm being supportive kan .hehehe.

and in the middle of very2 malas to attend the class..
Malaysia Legal System you all..
let us be a good malaysian with a great value and adhere self regulation :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and musical it should be lah :)

yes.we 'd finally come into our sense that "hey,we're doing musical so *)(&/.,[[#$ (sorry,due to confidentiality matter)
but so far tonight is one of the best nite of rehearsing for me lah...*personally*
you know what,sometimes its not about wanna be looked cool or *wah! cayalah* by others tau..its about you and your originality....its an art people..just be yourself..imagining yourself as a piece of art *some people may disagree*...
and improvising...and accepting others opinion...*just dont treat yourself as police-producer lah pulak! hahaha...
and we know,its not about can YOU do it ?! its all about can WE do it ?and shake it like a boom boom :)



when you suddenly "sentap-ing" someone with your word,thats mean you're succeed in making that "someone" hates you so much.

sounds serious?it is.
have a nice day.

~2 weeks before the show~

Sunday, November 13, 2011


yes! that is the word that best describes me now..OVERFLOW.
i'm a busy lady man:)
i'm tall (not so ),dark,pretty,hot,and tempting and and...talented.hahaha
okay..sure u guys (uitmians) dah pretty aware that on 25th nov 2011 nnt akan ade satu event held by Fac of Law Uitm Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan that is so called
Mock Trial The Musical : Di Belakang Jalan Lurus...
but poorly,due tu some confidentiality matter,i cant disclose u the synopsis of the story..

wonder why i exxageratedly promoting this event?
cause I AM IN IT laaaaaahh! hahahaha..yes..i am one of the actors in the teathre (did i spell it right?got some issues with these letter) :)

okay back to these.i am rehearsing this for almost a month (oh my god and there's only less than 2 weeks left and i'm still counting the steps!)
hey!i'm dancing okay...and quite shocked! i'm flexible ! yet i'm doing the sexy back moves! hahahaha...gila apa...never thought of doing so before :P

and now ,here i thick jungle of class,and tons of assignments,and vigorously packed training so ARTIS okay ! (might consider of getting a personal assistant)
poyo kan? but thats life bebeh !

but it seems like i'm liking all this...well,i got classes early at the morning and practices at night ! dang ! full...and i met such a joyous group of people i never thought i would know before this..yea and i'm breaking the barriers of networking..i create networks and spamming my label to them :)

so far i enjoy doing this and hoping that ther'll be more to come :)
(and and and i'll be meeting Dr Fazley and Imran Ajmain 101 okayyy )

p/s :to those who had bought the tickets,hope you guys will enjoy the show :)

broken inside.

has anyone ever been in the situation where you are being abandoned and tarnished...err..i mean its not like people cuss u all over mean people are just leaving you and forget you almost every side of their eyes could be?have you ?have you?

well if u ever been in that situation..cheerois! lets give applause ! clap clap clap (the sound you made when clapping) and thats means,,,hey....satu gang lah!
so...obviously..i AM in that situation whereby i've been waiting for someone only to say "hi,hallo" and whatnot can..but it ended up..apekejadahnya takde msg lnsg..?ape kejadahnye takde misscall....i mean?what are you playing?ha?apa you ingat i ni apa?a bonzai tree that you can come whenever you feel you want?

somehow i'm thinking that..."hey,you really playing the game kan?"
okay okay..if u insisting on playing...why not i join kan?lalala..
since you the one who started this kan..u dont have time for me...i bet.,tah u know my name lagi ke tak in your phone?

but that is fine...really worries..just wait till tou have some hindrances or some sort of problems,that is when you'll come to me...and as usual la...i'll accept you with my open heart...baik kan baik kan?

but seriously...if you are not interested to someone,could you just tell her right on the face "hey,we're just friends..i love someone else"
but if yo,yes YOU,sending cues that you seem to like her,give her hope,and then in the middle of the girl embraces the feeling of the FAKE hope,you ignored her like a pig ignoring the mud!

what a!!
and if you like her but yet you're not ready to commit....itsokay...but again..DO TELL HER!
you guys ni mcm ade problem of TELLING or infroming kan?why ah?come on..polish up your communication skill a may lead to broken heart u see..emm..that is why women are better than men in that..

and yet....dont ever complain if the girl just repeat the shits that you did....
remember,,,a tooth for a tooth...and in this give shits,it may fall back onto your face!