Sunday, November 13, 2011


yes! that is the word that best describes me now..OVERFLOW.
i'm a busy lady man:)
i'm tall (not so ),dark,pretty,hot,and tempting and and...talented.hahaha
okay..sure u guys (uitmians) dah pretty aware that on 25th nov 2011 nnt akan ade satu event held by Fac of Law Uitm Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan that is so called
Mock Trial The Musical : Di Belakang Jalan Lurus...
but poorly,due tu some confidentiality matter,i cant disclose u the synopsis of the story..

wonder why i exxageratedly promoting this event?
cause I AM IN IT laaaaaahh! hahahaha..yes..i am one of the actors in the teathre (did i spell it right?got some issues with these letter) :)

okay back to these.i am rehearsing this for almost a month (oh my god and there's only less than 2 weeks left and i'm still counting the steps!)
hey!i'm dancing okay...and quite shocked! i'm flexible ! yet i'm doing the sexy back moves! hahahaha...gila apa...never thought of doing so before :P

and now ,here i thick jungle of class,and tons of assignments,and vigorously packed training so ARTIS okay ! (might consider of getting a personal assistant)
poyo kan? but thats life bebeh !

but it seems like i'm liking all this...well,i got classes early at the morning and practices at night ! dang ! full...and i met such a joyous group of people i never thought i would know before this..yea and i'm breaking the barriers of networking..i create networks and spamming my label to them :)

so far i enjoy doing this and hoping that ther'll be more to come :)
(and and and i'll be meeting Dr Fazley and Imran Ajmain 101 okayyy )

p/s :to those who had bought the tickets,hope you guys will enjoy the show :)

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