Wednesday, June 16, 2010

saye sgt penat!!

perhatian ye!
saye sgt penat!
x pnah lagi i rase penant smpai tahap i nk nanges...
up 2 korg la nak kate i ni mnje ke,,,ape ke..
ape yg i tau..
i SANGAT penat!
da la ade bnde yg buat i freaking MAD...
but i x kesah sgt yg tu...almost done,,
asimen byk!!!!!
non stop tau asimen skrg,,,smpai xde mase nk rilex,,lansong xde,,,nk tdo pon
macam sempat2 pejam kejap je..
then have to celik balik!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it is all about believing in ALLAH

i prays Allah for giving me an opportunity to reward my abah,umi,,mokyah
n my families..
though i'm having this distressful feeling.
but by putting Allah at the top rather than anything.
i can feel the very pleasant and blessful feeling come across my eyes...
n the light of RAHMAT,,
just reach me,,,
mybe it's a sign?
u should be back in line,,

when u think that u already had enough...
u dont..
come on atikah,,,
why do u let anger controlling u,,,
u're one of other bullshits out there??
keep your calm up
n do
think about others too..

P/s:to those i've hurted...i'm sory