Wednesday, December 21, 2011

note this

1.when someone seems like he doesnt care,he really dont.
2.when someone just pull the face after u give her ass,meaning that she's angry.
3.when someone refuse to eat with u,dont ask why.
4.when u know u hurt someone,please dont pretend to take it back.
5.when u didnt like her,dont show that u do.
6.dont be too proud of yourself.
7.dont judge people in her prima facie.
8.dont be friend with her,if its concern your own interest.
9.never felt that u own her.
10.never ask her if she seems to not talking to you.


Monday, November 28, 2011

i return normal

despite all those sweet things happened-

1.UiTM Mock Trial The Musical : Dibelakang Jalan Lurus which i can say MAGNIFICCCahweesommmeee !

2.Intec's performance

3.Invitation perform at ILC

i've to admit,i'm being quite sad because there's no more practice till morning,no more eating cendol tepi jalan together,no more jajan hunting,no more water sharing,no more lines to remeber,no more steps to empower more and frankly saying,,i miss all that :')

Saturday, November 26, 2011

standing ovation to uitm mock trial the musical :) the end.

hello ! what a great night !

fiRst of all..i would like to thank everyone especially the Dean of Faculty of Laws,who never stop praising me,thankyou so much maam,and the lecturers who attended and watched the performance :) i ...i mean we..the production,appreciate it much ...your kindness and support were priceless..the laughs,the giggles,thats the one cheered up the night last night ..

as for all the crews,casts and the adhoc,u guys really deserved the honor and respect :) it was a great experience working with all of you..not to forget Becca and the gang for being so cooperative :) and its nice to be part of Uitm Mock Trial The Musical : Di Belakang Jalan Lurus as Siti Saka Sakaratulmaut :)

well,the journey of practicing,remembering the lines,the steps,the mimics and everything took a month or more from our was such a tiring yet enticing feeling..coping up with assignments,and tight classes schedule,koko plus other things,really provide the ground of challenge for us :0 yep! despite those thing WE MADE IT ! YES PEOPLE! WE MADE IT !
believe it or not,last night performing was the first time ever we 're doing that thing as one packet performance ..and the Bila April's ending,never been planned but that was the sweetest...To Fazley and Imran Ajmain ,thanks for your time,and cooperation and your kindness to show up for us :) and personally,Fazley will always been my inspiration ..

despite of conflicts occured,we conquered it guys ! seriously,this is the greatest team i've been working with ...the seniors were just great and we're enjoying our sacred huha huha time together...

personallyi would like to dedicate this Congratulation to Lanlan,Fiza,Aminul,Tassy,Alia,Shanur,Iz,Ezwar,Aini Hazieqah,Helmi,Fatma,Diba,Fadh,Yasmin,Amir,and fellow friends Aimi,Anaz,Ulfa,Apple,Nash,Jimmy,and the guys really set a par for the first-timer :)
i love seeing how people appreciate what we're been working for all this time..and to see how they enjoyed it as much as we did on the stage last nita,it ahhhhhhwsome!!! the show just went smooth eventhough we're having some problems with the PA system but it did not matter at all.most importantly,we had gave our best last night ! JAI HO ! ape yg penting?enjoyed the characters kan??

to all my dearest friends,soulmate,classmates,Un,syaz ,lily ,atoi,amrah,amrina and gee,zizi's gang,kinah,nurul ,lila,azira,juniors hazirah,amy,mija,and kwn2 satu badge and others yang tak mention,your appearance and support,always be an inspiration for me :) thankyou once again..


p/s : by far,this was the most exciting play i ever involved with :) wishing there'll be more to come..insyaAllah..

Saturday, November 19, 2011


hello ! (bajet ade org bace blog) hehe
anyway,i just came back from MPH Mid Valley for Fazley's new book launching and today is my lucky day when i was called up to smack a ballon down tadi and to my surprise,Fazley asked me to sing a few lines of his quotes from the book. #CINTA.hehe..and i was like so nervous.
my hands,my voice...SHAKING !! (thinking of what music should i use)

and when i saw imran ajmain sit in front of me..i was like hey,why dont i use your song
and both of them #FAZLEY and #IMRANAJMAIN praised me for that !
"great voice ct"

and for sure i' jumping like a kangaroo (not physically jumping )
recall back six years before.
when i was in Form 3.Fazley come to my schools for the purpose of giving motivation session to all the prefect in the school.i was fuckingly excited when i knew about it but the excitement was called off because i was not a prefect back then :( but luckily i got a friend who knew hoow i adore this guy and willing to gimme Fazley's autograph and poster.and i still have that poster with me :) i pasted it on my door :) (and i even bought his album ,from caset to cd's) see..!

but since that my dream of meeting him in person remained a dream untill today yes today 19NOVEMBER2011 ,under the Mock Trial The Musical club,we were invited to go for the launching of his book :) and everything was like a dream come true then :) and i even told Fazley and all the poepl there about this story.and right after that "he grab a book on the table and give it me and said "take it,its on me "...(what do you expect me to react??!!)

omg i was so overwhealmed! up till now :P
and i got his autograph and not to forget ImranAjmain's too .and he was hell so very handsome!!!!! :)
and it was another great day passed :) memorable.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tired.westlife.evergreen.gazebo Fac Of Law.alla fonte.

to be honest,i have no idea what is wrong with me today.obviously i'm not enough sleep.and i dont have any heart to "eh hi,how are you.ade class ke?eh itu eh ini" no no no no...since my mood had been spoiled when i saw the curly specky creatures with green shirt in class this morning...(seriously aku rasa nk lempang je kau).

kurang ajar?(so what?!)

its been 2 weeks since you annoys me with your innocent look.(tak payah nk bajet dok dekat2 la)
cause it wont work.once i dont like you.i dont like you forever.

anyway,to make this post in line with the caption,while writing this,i am listening to the collection of westlife's song..together with mira and atoi :) (racist la mcm ni,makan subway tak ajak kan)
and just painted my hand and labelled it on the piece of cloth for environmental purpose (rase berbaloi ke macam tu?kain tu,cat t ,buat kotor environment ade lah) hahhaa...but i'm being supportive kan .hehehe.

and in the middle of very2 malas to attend the class..
Malaysia Legal System you all..
let us be a good malaysian with a great value and adhere self regulation :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and musical it should be lah :)

yes.we 'd finally come into our sense that "hey,we're doing musical so *)(&/.,[[#$ (sorry,due to confidentiality matter)
but so far tonight is one of the best nite of rehearsing for me lah...*personally*
you know what,sometimes its not about wanna be looked cool or *wah! cayalah* by others tau..its about you and your originality....its an art people..just be yourself..imagining yourself as a piece of art *some people may disagree*...
and improvising...and accepting others opinion...*just dont treat yourself as police-producer lah pulak! hahaha...
and we know,its not about can YOU do it ?! its all about can WE do it ?and shake it like a boom boom :)



when you suddenly "sentap-ing" someone with your word,thats mean you're succeed in making that "someone" hates you so much.

sounds serious?it is.
have a nice day.

~2 weeks before the show~

Sunday, November 13, 2011


yes! that is the word that best describes me now..OVERFLOW.
i'm a busy lady man:)
i'm tall (not so ),dark,pretty,hot,and tempting and and...talented.hahaha
okay..sure u guys (uitmians) dah pretty aware that on 25th nov 2011 nnt akan ade satu event held by Fac of Law Uitm Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan that is so called
Mock Trial The Musical : Di Belakang Jalan Lurus...
but poorly,due tu some confidentiality matter,i cant disclose u the synopsis of the story..

wonder why i exxageratedly promoting this event?
cause I AM IN IT laaaaaahh! hahahaha..yes..i am one of the actors in the teathre (did i spell it right?got some issues with these letter) :)

okay back to these.i am rehearsing this for almost a month (oh my god and there's only less than 2 weeks left and i'm still counting the steps!)
hey!i'm dancing okay...and quite shocked! i'm flexible ! yet i'm doing the sexy back moves! hahahaha...gila apa...never thought of doing so before :P

and now ,here i thick jungle of class,and tons of assignments,and vigorously packed training so ARTIS okay ! (might consider of getting a personal assistant)
poyo kan? but thats life bebeh !

but it seems like i'm liking all this...well,i got classes early at the morning and practices at night ! dang ! full...and i met such a joyous group of people i never thought i would know before this..yea and i'm breaking the barriers of networking..i create networks and spamming my label to them :)

so far i enjoy doing this and hoping that ther'll be more to come :)
(and and and i'll be meeting Dr Fazley and Imran Ajmain 101 okayyy )

p/s :to those who had bought the tickets,hope you guys will enjoy the show :)

broken inside.

has anyone ever been in the situation where you are being abandoned and tarnished...err..i mean its not like people cuss u all over mean people are just leaving you and forget you almost every side of their eyes could be?have you ?have you?

well if u ever been in that situation..cheerois! lets give applause ! clap clap clap (the sound you made when clapping) and thats means,,,hey....satu gang lah!
so...obviously..i AM in that situation whereby i've been waiting for someone only to say "hi,hallo" and whatnot can..but it ended up..apekejadahnya takde msg lnsg..?ape kejadahnye takde misscall....i mean?what are you playing?ha?apa you ingat i ni apa?a bonzai tree that you can come whenever you feel you want?

somehow i'm thinking that..."hey,you really playing the game kan?"
okay okay..if u insisting on playing...why not i join kan?lalala..
since you the one who started this kan..u dont have time for me...i bet.,tah u know my name lagi ke tak in your phone?

but that is fine...really worries..just wait till tou have some hindrances or some sort of problems,that is when you'll come to me...and as usual la...i'll accept you with my open heart...baik kan baik kan?

but seriously...if you are not interested to someone,could you just tell her right on the face "hey,we're just friends..i love someone else"
but if yo,yes YOU,sending cues that you seem to like her,give her hope,and then in the middle of the girl embraces the feeling of the FAKE hope,you ignored her like a pig ignoring the mud!

what a!!
and if you like her but yet you're not ready to commit....itsokay...but again..DO TELL HER!
you guys ni mcm ade problem of TELLING or infroming kan?why ah?come on..polish up your communication skill a may lead to broken heart u see..emm..that is why women are better than men in that..

and yet....dont ever complain if the girl just repeat the shits that you did....
remember,,,a tooth for a tooth...and in this give shits,it may fall back onto your face!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cusack darling :)

i think i wanna marry you.
i think i 'm falling for you :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Menunggu sesuatu yang sangat menyebalkan bagiku
Saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar
Menantikan kehadiran dirimu
Entah sampai kapan aku harus menunggu

Sesuatu yang sangat sulit tuk kujalani
Hidup dalam kesendirian sepi tanpamu
Kadang kuberpikir cari penggantimu
Saat kau jauh disana

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh
Namun hati kita selalu dekat
Bila kau rindu pejamkan matamu
Dan rasakan a a a aku

Kekuatan cinta kita takkan pernah rapuh
Terhapus ruang dan waktu
Percayakan kesetiaan ini
Pada ketulusan a a ai aishiteru

Gelisah sesaat saja tiada kabarmu kucuriga
Entah penantianku takkan sia-sia
Dan berikan satu jawaban pasti
Entah sampai kapan aku harus bertahan

Saat kau jauh disana rasa cemburu
Merasuk kedalam pikiranku melayang
Tak tentu arah tentang dirimu
Apakah sama yang kau rasakan

Satu sendiri pikiran melayang terbang
Perasaan resah gelisah
Jalani kenyataan hidup tanpa gairah

Lupakan segala obsesi dan ambisimu
Akhiri semuanya cukup sampai disini
Dan buktikan pengorbanan cintamu untukku
Kumohon kau kembali

Kimita tuokukitemo
Kiminoi shuaguaratala
Shiniteruyo shiniteruyo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

back to basic


okay.after i've been so called Perempuan Murahan,maruah kat kaki,desperado,and what not,there's a time where i think,i should definitely back to basic.everythg happened because of me..i cant think rationally..and wisely..

but of course,people learnt from do i..
but i never thought we cannt ake friends with our exes.
that a wisdom i cant uphold no more.
it may come like,other people cant accept it..

and i respect it

this thg makes me scare..
of having another one..
i hate revenge,
and i dont want people to have bad faith and intention on me.

ok peeps..i've learnt.
say no more.
i better make wise decision before taking another steps.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


"Sometimes when we leave our loved one,it doesn't mean that we have stopped loving him..but it is the best way to say i love you"

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."
-St. Augustine

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nora elena fever

featuring Aaron Aziz and Siti Saleha as the lead actors..
i never watched the movie..but the feedbacks and the ratings are totally friends keep telling me..hey u should watch this...aaron is so romantic and more...haha..there was a day where i planned to take a sip of the movie,but the timing ,just dont suit me...miahaha...while everybody was at home at 7pm,i'm in my car.driving to nowhere.but surely it doesnt fit me.

p/s:it is just another version of modern fairytale =)

Monday, June 6, 2011


hello?where are?whattaya doing?why u didnt pick up my calls?my messages..!why dont u reply them?
(take a look at the phone,it was like 10 msges received)
suddenly some girls/boys around u passed by and laughing..(not laughing at u lahh)
and she/he heard..
who's laughing?who's the girl/boy?
where are u seriously?

that's the norms today..i mean not really today.for so long it has been there..yeah right there..where?
but the forewords will be..

"Love is not jealous, ... does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked."1 Corinthians 13:4 [New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures]

Jealousy is when you react negatively towards the possibility of losing what you have to someone else.

usually involves three people, rather than just two,you, the person who has what you want and the person who threatens to take it away..hehehe..

like what i'm having for the last 2 weeks..yah!i'm being so jealous if i saw the pictures of my ex boy friend with another girl (which is his current gf) fact because of it..i'd become a great professional stalker..i stalk the gf's profile like everyday and after that i'll get pissed.crazy yet true..hehe

and what happen to me that time? mood swing

2.i can easily scold people


4.i'll throw anythg near me (i broke my glassball twice)

5.i rather be silent(ignored everyone)

but somehow i realised,hey,i cant keep being like must go on..he's not the one for me..MAYBE....hmm..

but thats true right?if he loves me enough,he will not cheat on me at the first place?thats clear everything..hehe

the thing is..u can be jealous..but make sure u know how to handle it..i'm not an expert in this..but i'm learning...learn it all...forget it all..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

nah...just joking...

p/s:i'llthink i'll be okay by now.jealous is to show love.but overshowing it....not good at all..

have a nice day ! =)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

of Facebook or Twitter?

Well all my friends got facebook.. but on twitter loads of randomers are following me, and they dont really care what i tweet so i tweet loads of 'crap'
and if i would post that on fb everyone would leave a mean comments and stuff like oh thats not funny, get over twitter I can ask a question and get an instantaneous response.on my facebook it tend to be people full of feeling sorry for themselves and it just gets boring and tedious.
but you do get lots of things like games and that on facebook.but even though there is all that i still think that twitter is better than facebook! there is some cool things that you can follow once you get into twitter.

but yea another good thing is that i dont have many friend on twitter so i can just tweet a lot of crap i did..hahaha..
but i think for now i kinda need them facebook,there's lot of some real friend out there which means dozens of them i know who ..
but on twitter its just a place for me to just follow (i 'm following lots) and been followed by strangers who in real didnt know me and i'm barely knew them either..and sometimes its a good crap if u wanna just saying odd word or vulgar thing and do some obscenes..hahaha...both is entertaining lahh =)

of john legend

hahaha...kinda pathetic if i told u that...I JUST KNEW who is John Legend at 1352 pm loser i am..hehe...well...its an achievement la since i've been living with his song "everybody knows"...urghh! i love the song...but he's the typical black guy la..with curly hair and whatnot..hahahaha...kinda sweet i see..hehehe...but black guy remains as black unless u decide to do the face job like late him in,,john legend is a legend i guess..u should listen to him sometimes..and "so high" is not that bad..but of course "everybody knows" maintain the top!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum.
a disease that can never be cured unless u have something interesting to do.of course laaa!if u have something interesting to do,u will not be boring at the first place!aiyyoohh!
and that is what i'm having right now..hahaha..i just laying helplessly on my bed surrounded by my fluffy pillows all over me and here i am!talking about boring and the gang!
pathetic person i am right?
friends?nahhh..dont wanna talk about them..i'm not fond of talking about them actually.hahaha...weird huh?but that's me.
and by the way..i'm listening to roberta flack..kinda soothing me out..hahaha...yes!killing me softly with his song..i tried this song so many times during my karoeke time..and not shocking..i can handle it..(snobbbbb)'s a good song like u can swing all over while close yr eyes..lalala..kind of jazzy a bit...wait!it is jazz song is it?haha..this is one of my greatest fav list.keep on listening to wait! just now i said i'm boring is it?but then here i am talking about a great song by roberta flack?who am i?RUMPLESTILLSKIN???bluahhhhh..hahaha..ok fine.actually i'm boring.but while writing this,i pla this song...duhh..have a nice day peeps! =)

hello kota bharu!

sounds like i just arrived from somewhere rite?actually not..hahahaha..
this is happen when u're boring like GODDAMNIT !!!!
i'm so freaking out here.......bluahhhhhh......i need faces please..hahaha..

oh hi peeps!hows thing going on today??hahahaa...u know what dear..i got nothing to do around here..despite of taking care of Aydan Hercules

i think for now he is the apple of my heart...u know what..everytime i open his cage ,he will jump over saying "please,,please,,,bawak aden jalan2 please"..hahahahahaha..yep..i always talk to him...sing him lullaby...what the song called..."tanya sama pokok apa sbb goyang,nnt jwb pokok angin yg goncang" least i got something to entertain of..hehehe..eventhough i know he will not understand any single word from me..haha
but Aydan..i still love u..dont worry..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

boring weekdays routines is it going?hope everyone is fine...
i'm at home..yes imma at home.
kinda lah...
sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday
i'm having the same boring-like-hell situation..
no no places to go..
irritating is it?
at this time i think..
its better for me to be at shah alam..
go to class and having lectures...kan?
(thats what best students had in mind)
hahahahaha...nope la...
my life here is boring as Friday song by rebecca black..
somehow,sometimes i think rebecca black is happier than me..hahahaa..
ya la...she's gona get down every friday.."kickin' on the back seat and blah blah blah...
hahahahaa..job?*stammer* a few job offer but still not in the mood of working...
just go there whenever i feel i like to..
what will i do in this fucking 4 months?no one knows..haha..
i will
sounds bright is it?
thats what an actor should do..
(pretend to be Julia Roberts)
the fun part about holiday is...
i still can earn money..hahaha...
hahahaha..where got?cant tell you..
i'm bussinesswoman now..=)

Friday, May 13, 2011

simpton bangun pagi

for the first time,i mengupdate blog pade pukul 8.30pg waktu melesia...ape mimpi wa bangun pg wa pun taktau,,tp 2,3 hari ni,modd bangun pg amat membuak buak ...bangun pg..breakfast..ececece,,,sgt omputih gitu kan..hahahaa

wishing u a good day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally hit home

best giler balik rumah !!
rumah manis rumah la katekan.
xdelah yg seindah rumah melainkan rumah..
ape aku merapik ni..
ok guys!
i'm currently at home..balik2 terus ape je kan..hehehe..and tadi baru je balik dr beli hadiah kat my mom...yes..
baru je beli..before this smpat beli utk my dad je..
ape yg i beli?
i beli set body shop rougeberry for my mom ..tapau beli skali dgn my mom punya birthday an mother's day teros...hehehe..xde budget nak beli asing2..hehehe
hope she'll like it..
and for my dad...sbb birthday dia bulan lepas...i beli pen parker...plan nk engrave name but tak sempat...
huhuhu...but for now okay kot..
and i dah tunjuk kat my dad pen tu and he loves it!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

multi tasking can make u fat

i was wonder la i gemuk..sbb i ni kaki multi-tasking.hahahaaha

Juggling too many unrelated tasks can sabotage self-discipline in other areas of your life. As a result, you may find it harder to control your temper, resist fattening foods, or stick to your exercise routine. Chalk it up to mental overload, brought on by brain drain from excessive multi-tasking at home or on the job.

Compulsively checking your Blackberry as you help your kids do their homework, or frequently shifting between different tasks on the job can exhaust the “executive function” of the brain. Doctors have concluded that our brains are only wired to shift mental gears a limited number of times before the intellectual resources required for self control are exhausted, leaving people more prone to such behavior as emotional outbursts or cheating on their diet.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

goodbye mr semester!

done with MLS...killer one i think...its been 2 weeks we've been struggling.
lack of sleep,food and everything...
all we know is reading,answering q's and bla bla bla..
i wonder if parents saw how hard we worked,they 'll be amazed and proudly saying
"hey,that is my child!"
oyop kan?hahaha
and i guess its time to say bye bye to this weird MAWAR..
ya la kan..
takot rindu.. mawar?not even once...
next sem i'm gonna stay outside da kan and have to be more indie lah!
i stuffed all my stuffs in Nurin's car last night..thanks dear!
so,i'll be melenggang je lah ke LCCT nnti..hahaha
not saying much..
just want to say..
i'm proud to be where i am right now..pretty much..
sem 1 thought me a be more indie.,strong,,
and much less i realised that i was fragile..before this la..
before everyone buat taik kat i kan...
hopefully next sem i'm not gonna be main2 dah..
focus..that's one thing i wanna tanam in myself..
even kalau i tak realised now pun,i will realise jugak one day kan..
that's life ..its not about playing game..its about planning to play game..hehe
am i right?
will be home in 3 days..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

one piece left

may Allah bless us all
with beautiful handwriting and good answers
hehehe..Malaysia Legal System..
and then we'll be gone..=)

my new "crush"

sounds so gay to say this
but i'm totally in love with Minka Kelly

Sunday, April 24, 2011

manusia kan..

ape ko merepek ni?

i'm a lazy bone! kbye!

have u ever been in a situation where u rase,
aku dah malas dah,aku dah tak tahan dah.
have u?have u?
tipu la kalau tak pernah.
wa brani potong jari la der.
same goes here.
i'm reading constitution.and tetiba malas ni dtg.
tapi ...

prangai cam ape je kan..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

blabber much

if only i cant privately talk to you
all i wanna say is
thank youuuuuuuu
for confiscating my statute
really appreciate that.=)

its not about the money

forget about the price tag
i loss rm12.90
i left my contract act
i dont leave it!
it's confiscated!
thanks to T__T
sure u dont ever go with the bling2 much..

Friday, April 22, 2011

i hate today (23/4/2011)

i hate today
i hate today
yes i hate today
why why why
i hate today
again i just hate today
there's a story
about a girl
o yeah a girl
not very nice nor beautiful
she just lame
just lame
like a song og llama
it's a story of her
yes man
of her
yesterday o yesterday
she's like off sound
OMG off sound
she tells the wall
"hey wall
do u hear me
i wanna say a word"
cause she know
yeah she knows
cause she can feel it
like there's stirr in her heart
she see it see it
enjoy seeing it
enjoy talking about it
claim about the bling bling of that
o yeah
it's so good
come on
let us
wake up wake up
together with mr sun
she smile to the world
and yell
"hey soul man"
the heiress of the world
lets get pump it today
take her bag and get in 4 round of elasticity
ahh..nothing better
been all over the world
and yet this is nothg
don u forget
the time has come
she walks she walks
in her style
egoism a bit
dont give a damn about losing
she can be in illusion
but she just dont care
cause she's one in a million (suddenly)
she walks and she walks
guess where that'll end
it's in row
get herself
fit in
small empty space
given by the world
it's a bless
she smiles she smiles
that is her
never stop believing
she open it open it
and hell!yeah!
she blur.
what should i do
gimme gimme
tell me tell me
she yells
someone come
take it
take it from her
it's confiscated
and hey
it's complicated
and gimme the look
what should she do
lost lost lost
*deep sigh*
3hours without it
she totally a loser
but not but not
when the shining glimmer come
"que sera sera"
"que sera sera"
move on move on
pen running
until the last drop of sweats
never stop inspiring
pen's running pen's running
yet no time
even words are thousand in mind
cannot defeat the pen
bye bye pen
bye bye paper
bye bye invigilators
hope you happy treating her
life is not depend on one matter
the future is long still to see
what will be
will be

Thursday, April 14, 2011


what the hell is going here?
actually aku pun tak tahu..someone told me ..okay...someone...she asked u the "thing" today...and i was like...knp la dia tnya kan...but never mind..thing happened..
used to tell you okay..what i felt about you..and you were like.....diam...and pure2 i tak pnah bgtau anythg...em.let it be..i never put any hopes on man,,especially those yg takleh nk buat stand and keputusan sdiri...

but why nk persoalkan can i like u when i'm actually in love with someone?hahaha...funny...told u already,,,budak penang tu.....he's gone...better yet yes!he dumped me!and somehow u come in frront of me...we 're like being friends and more?nope i think..cause you;re the one yg ckp...takkan kapel la ape lah kan,,sbb takut jadik mcm dulu..and me myself pun taknk piki lagi benda2 tuu..

the thing is...why cant a guy make thing simple if that thing tu simple je sbnrnye?yeah..i've crushed on u...but after knowing u..
and that doesnt mean when i like someone,kene directly become couple ke ape...pffftt,,,as u said kan...

i dont expect much from u actually..i've done my part...and thats it...if this a real goodbye..what can i say more..

p/s:benda ni bleh settle je kalau awk tak emo..seriously

Malam Gala Karyawan

Prof Madya A.Razak Mohaideen

VC and Erra Fazira (i bet he's the man of the night)

Senator Jins Samsudin

of Nur Kasih,Mr.Kabir Bhatia

Datuk Sifu M.Nasir and wife

the veterans,,Mariani and Rosnani Jamil

Mr Ramli Ms and Kak Limah..hehehe

Iqram Dinzly =)

Zizan Nin

Rosyam Nor

we have Norman KRU and Norish Karman

ok peeps...!last night i dpt free pass utk attend satu malam anugerah yg for me..not bad la (kalau nk amik kira event tu fully supervised by student) of Tekar,(teknologi kreatif or what,lupa..)
smalam i think i'm the only Law student yg ade kat dalam tu while i was surrounded by them..the Tekarians la kan..

my first impression,
1)its a students dont expect much
2)its their first grand it can be

but then i changed my mind and "'s not a s bad as i expect it to be"
i enjoy most of the performanne..especially the Tarian Bako Satay..hehehe...
but sayangnya...ade a few yg kurang...especially dekat boyband tu..despite,their piper was amazing!stunning!
and why the hell they invited the duta tu.rase cm membazir a part...yeah...he got the song,but...ada yg lagi baik kot..heheheehe..

cooperation i puji!korg punye hardwork...tiptop!i learnt one or two thing last night..a leader,to be seen as perfect,u should have a great team mates...and you're guys are lucky..

and i'm a bit frustrated...sbb igt Tiz zaqyah dtg...tapi tak..hahaha
by the way...miss Hanis Zalikha pun ade smalam,,,,but nk snap tu...i dekat krusi audience je..dia dok depan..hehehehe..and she's gorgeous anyway =)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

itchy handwriting

okay peeps.its been a long in journey (almost three sacred months in this very shah alam) since i updated my last post...and by this time i am laughing after watching a video on the president of czech is a pen stealer!..hehehehe..kantoi!but somehow i admire yr confident sire!u can steal a 20 dollar pen in front of massive media...salute!hats off!(sambil tabik)

what sould i say?
being here in shah alam..yeah..i'm proud of that..and still am.
but u see la kan...i'm a bit congested dgn ragam people dkat sini..ada yg macam siamang lah,,,burung gagak la.lipas lah..merak kayangan la...variety of people ada kat sini..and maybe like "someone" used to say.i'm in the middle of coperating with the new environment here cause somehow at the very first moment,i cant adapt the way of life here (maybe la) as one of my "spectator " said to my friend and better yet too happen,the friend of mine told me about this..hehehe..okay..thank you sbb caring..much much appreciate..=) (actually the one yg ckp mcm tu la yg troublesome nk adapt sbnrnye....i bet)

maybe to those yg dh bace my post before wonder how i handle those things tu kan..i can say..everything went smooth after that after i bace al fatihah evrytime i klua bilik nk ke kelas ad smile to anyone yg i bumped into..yah..that's me...senang sgt senyum kat org (SS)

by the way...people used to tag me as a loner..yeah...some leprechaurn used to speak on my behalf and tell others "hey you know,she's some kind of this,she's some kind of that"
GOSHHHH people..awat la suka sgt ckp pasal org ni ha?kesian org tu tau...and kesian u sbb i pernah mencarut and sumpah seranah u sbb u buat i macam tu..takmau kawan,hahaha
okayy..the way i said taknak kwn is so like ...Gedik!

hahaha..tu lah,,never wonder yg ade some mutants yg adore i sgt smpai sebok2 nak amik tau pasal i..sebok2 nk tolong buat statement untuk i...macam i ni artis plak,,org ckp mcm tu ,,mcm ni..i was like "WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME?duhhh..

tak pasal2 i blur everytime people approached i and tnya "hey,betul ke u ni mcm tu mcm ni?"

oh morething i realised about life is..there's some people love to use other for their own interest...wanna know how i realised?i've been there ok!
some jerk ada yg terhegeh2 cam ape je bile ade problems and leave me without nothing bila dh dpt ape yg die nak.......(sobs sobs sobs) i crying??nope...i just....~sigh~wonder apesal la lebai malang sangat nasib aku ni..hahahaa..
tapi actually,simpel shit stuffs mcm tu tak burden i pun,,its just...ade org mcm tu rupenye.i thought it was just a tale..hehehe...dulu tak pecaye woo..skli kene...wa pecaye sampi mati....sambil buat rempitzz..

and i pun dh tak kesah dh now.i do everythg my way...kalau u agree ikot..if not..emm..u see the exit door out there?u can walk there and run along the stairs and go to h*ll..hehehehe..sangat brani kan abah i bace ni mesti dia marah.heheehe

plus..i rase skrg ni better i maintain myself this way...em..somehow this way works well on me..hehehe..and i'm happy for the sake of...i have my life and i own it...nothing can come in front and jeorpady me...if ade yg nk jeorpady jugak...i karate guna chakura naruto...dush dush..i gangster tau!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


arrived home safely at 10.30pm ..without delaying any second,i met my abah !damn!i miss him so much,,and we both went to have supper at Hassan's..not really a supper cause that was my first meal of the day...dont expect me to be cool when i ate nothing during 10 hours journey...

sampai rumah,i entered my room,and gosh!
my room sgt kemas..
ni xde org lain la ni,,,abah abah..hehehe
i love u ketat2 la abah..
he's currently sleeping..finally he cant sleep like WELL ENOUGH..after seeing me of course..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

off the job

cik ct homecoming,,,to abah,,,dont expect me to be like,,,THIN! cause i'm not,,,and neither black...cause...NATASYA kan adeee...mencegah kulit terbakauu..hahahaa

Friday, January 28, 2011

being Shah Alamian

some of my friends did ask me.."hey,why tak update blog,asyik update status Fb ja"
hehehe...its not taknak update,,,but taknak membiarkan diri ni leka sikit dgn mengupdatasi blog...huu,,huh!ada ka pkataan mengupdatasi tu,,haahahaha,,,lagi pon masa masa senggang asyik diisi dengan tido je kan..mana la sempat nk berblogging ni,,

~well..tak lewat untuk welcoming diri sendiri ke shah alam ni..hey siti..welcome to shah alam~
shah alam...emm..first night aku dekat shah alam was fully fullfil by tears..lebih kurang one litre of tears.. =) why?i cant bear to be this far from home..kononnya,,padahal dulu dok kedah okay ja..siap tak sabau lagi nk balik seeing my father cried like 15years old boy while bye bye-ing me from the car..he made used of the tissue i gave him...and my usual,,,maintain cun...nanges nanges tak remaja la..eventhough after that my dad said yang my mom lah insan yang paling galak meratapi ketiadaan tuan puteri cik ct wan kembang ni dalam kete..hehehe..i love u guys both..i do...

right after dorg balik,i went to my room,unpacking things while having a briefing with my roomates Amanina and Dibah and the other one i cant hardly remember her name..funny thing is.Adibah is my badgematemase kat prelaw and we barely known each other..hahaha...and datang sini baru "eh,merbok ka dulu"....weirdo...

i found myself quite alone here...itula,,dulu tak mau buat kawan,,dok buat gaduh je..

i found myself to be in the same class with Amrah (sigh luckily) ,Asmarina Sakila,Ellena Razif,Farhan Zafry and a few other Merbokians..Jannah,Yan,Syasha,Lin,Mira and more.
and they are nice..for the time being..they are nice and i like them...

first week and second week,kitorg agak leisure la sbb kelas byk yg kensel and so banyak masa untuk mengenali dan merapatkan kinship tu...but u cant expect everyone to be nice to yo especially when you're not good enough in fashion and looks,,,wtf!do i look like i care even once?
yang lawaknya..aku heran..ade yg kita senyum dia buat tarik muka balik..hey..come on la...senyum balik kat orang yang senyum kat ko tak buat ko rugi a penny pon kan?igt aku ni kedahak sangat ke nk senyum kat korang..i je aku dapat rasa beza value aku lagi tinggi sikit ko dari ko..sbb aku kalau ade orang yang senyum kat aku..for sure aku senyum balik sbb aku rase when somebody senyum at you tu...dia buang ego dia dia lower dignity dia and pay respect to anyone else and thats a human being should be..aku rase ko kene masuk paid -class on

"How To Smile At People Back When They Smile At You?"

sumpah la bengang..kita nak buat kawan dia nk buat lawan..aku tak kisah satu sen pon la ko taknak kawan ke ape...cuma bg aku kalau ko jadi BAIK sikit tu..sedikit sebanyak orang lain ko tu normal macam org lain..hahahahahahaha

seriously people..
kalau ko boleh buat kawan kenapa ko nak buat lawan kan?
lagi lagi kalau classmate kan..
nak tak nak nnti,ngn dorang jugak la ko kene deal..
mana la tau kene 1 group assignment ke.presentation ke ape kan
biarpun dalam hati ku berbisik
(sambil buat step Siti Sarah)

tapi aku baik.
kalau kene jugak
aku REDHA dan hanya mampu berdoa pada Yang Maha Esa.hehehehe

tak kisah la kan.mungkin orang2 yang mcm tu ada masalah dalaman kot.kita tak tau.
okay.cakap mende lain lah.

lain sangat dengan masa kat merbok dulu.
sikit sikit nak compare dgn merbok.
habistu nak buat macam mana kan.

masa kat merbok.
hati sangat lapang,jiwa sangat riang.
kat sini.
hati sangat keseorangan,perasaan pun terpendam.

masa kat merbok.
bleh gelak gelak kuat kuat sambil jalan.itu tandanya hati ko senang.
kat sini.
kalau gelak kuat kuat orang pandang pandang sebab ko dikira mengganggu ketenteraman.

masa kat merbok.
first day class ko sebok berkenalan cari ramai kawan.
kat sini.
first day class kalau lewat xda harapan nk berkenalan maknanya ko kene kebelakang.

masa kat merbok.
ko nk pi klas pakai tracksuit pon boleh sbb takde sape kesah ko nk pakai ape.
kat sini.
ko kene dress up sehabis baik sbb ramai org judge ko dress up macam mane.

masa kat merbok.
after class ko lepak dekat FC sampai langit tukaq warna merah baru ko balik bilik.
kat sini,
after class teros balik bilik sbb ko takkan ade mase nk mengumpat barang sedas dua.

masa kat merbok.
selalu makan ramai ramai dah macam adik bradik.
kat sini.
makan pon sorang2,kekadang beli tapau makan kat bilik.

masa kat merbok.
ada budak2 yang boleh main gelak2 rempit2 dgn aku.
kat sini.
budak2?jangan tanam impian nk berbicara.

masa kat merbok.
ko pegi class bukan sbb nk blaja je,tp sbb nk jumpa kawan kawan.
kat sini.
ko pegi klas bukan sbb excited dapat jumpa kawan2,tp sbb taknak rosakkn attendant.

masa kat merbok.
ko bebas jemur baju kat mana mana ja sbb takkan ada pun yang bekenan kat baju ko.
kat sini.
nk basuh baju pun piki 2,3 kali sbb takut nk jemur baju takut kene curik.
(dah pernah jadik mangsa okay)

masa kat merbok.
kalau naik public transport nk reply msg pon takkan sempat sbb sibok borak dgn kawan kawan.
kat sini.
ko sempat bergayut dengan pakwe ko lelame sbb masing masing kat sini buat hal sendiri.

masa kat merbok.
ko bleh bertegur sapa,gelak gelak,lepak lepak dgn member2 ko tak sama kelas dgn ko.
kat sini.
nak lepak lepak,borak borak,tegor tegor ngn member sekelas pon..HARaaaaaaaMM!


masa kat merbok.
aku tak homesick,tak pernah ade prasaan gundah nak balik rumah sbb kawan2 kat merbok dah macam famili sendiri.

tapi kat sini.
ko asyik piki nak balik rumah je sbb byk sangat masa ko asyik bersendiri.

tu mungkin sekadar prasaan aku je la.baru lagi kat sini bnda ni sedikit sebanyak mcm menyedarkan aku

Life Not Always Go As You Want It Too

sometimes u sendiri yang kene make yourself suit dengan keadaan semasa
that is what i'm doing now.
dah almost sebulan dekat sini...
byk benda yg berbeda yes! itu mesti la kan..
tp tak semua benda kat sini tak best..
banyak je benda yang best..tak nyempat2 aku nk explore sume in a time kan..
mungkin orang lain pon having problem mcm ak jugak..
its just
bukan sume bleh okay in one minute.

apa yang bestnya..?
hehe..snap pictures la of course..
dalam 3 minggu ja
gambaq dah cecah ratusan keping..hahaha
yela..sehari 50 keping..
hehehe..but for sure la tak bleh nk upload suma sekaligus kan..aku pakai berokband cikai je..hehehe

piki positif...things actually are not that bad..hehehe
aku je yang asyik reti mengomel je..hehehe

dan demi mengurangkan kemengomelan itu
aku pon join la KESATRIA NEGARA~alasan~
padahal mmg kene join pon kan,,hahahaaha