Sunday, June 5, 2011

of Facebook or Twitter?

Well all my friends got facebook.. but on twitter loads of randomers are following me, and they dont really care what i tweet so i tweet loads of 'crap'
and if i would post that on fb everyone would leave a mean comments and stuff like oh thats not funny, get over twitter I can ask a question and get an instantaneous response.on my facebook it tend to be people full of feeling sorry for themselves and it just gets boring and tedious.
but you do get lots of things like games and that on facebook.but even though there is all that i still think that twitter is better than facebook! there is some cool things that you can follow once you get into twitter.

but yea another good thing is that i dont have many friend on twitter so i can just tweet a lot of crap i did..hahaha..
but i think for now i kinda need them facebook,there's lot of some real friend out there which means dozens of them i know who ..
but on twitter its just a place for me to just follow (i 'm following lots) and been followed by strangers who in real didnt know me and i'm barely knew them either..and sometimes its a good crap if u wanna just saying odd word or vulgar thing and do some obscenes..hahaha...both is entertaining lahh =)

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