Tuesday, May 3, 2011

goodbye mr semester!

done with MLS...killer one i think...its been 2 weeks we've been struggling.
lack of sleep,food and everything...
all we know is reading,answering q's and bla bla bla..
i wonder if parents saw how hard we worked,they 'll be amazed and proudly saying
"hey,that is my child!"
oyop kan?hahaha
and i guess its time to say bye bye to this weird MAWAR..
ya la kan..
takot rindu.. mawar?not even once...
next sem i'm gonna stay outside da kan and have to be more indie lah!
i stuffed all my stuffs in Nurin's car last night..thanks dear!
so,i'll be melenggang je lah ke LCCT nnti..hahaha
not saying much..
just want to say..
i'm proud to be where i am right now..pretty much..
sem 1 thought me a be more indie.,strong,,
and much less i realised that i was fragile..before this la..
before everyone buat taik kat i kan...
hopefully next sem i'm not gonna be main2 dah..
focus..that's one thing i wanna tanam in myself..
even kalau i tak realised now pun,i will realise jugak one day kan..
that's life ..its not about playing game..its about planning to play game..hehe
am i right?
will be home in 3 days..