Saturday, April 23, 2011

blabber much

if only i cant privately talk to you
all i wanna say is
thank youuuuuuuu
for confiscating my statute
really appreciate that.=)

its not about the money

forget about the price tag
i loss rm12.90
i left my contract act
i dont leave it!
it's confiscated!
thanks to T__T
sure u dont ever go with the bling2 much..

Friday, April 22, 2011

i hate today (23/4/2011)

i hate today
i hate today
yes i hate today
why why why
i hate today
again i just hate today
there's a story
about a girl
o yeah a girl
not very nice nor beautiful
she just lame
just lame
like a song og llama
it's a story of her
yes man
of her
yesterday o yesterday
she's like off sound
OMG off sound
she tells the wall
"hey wall
do u hear me
i wanna say a word"
cause she know
yeah she knows
cause she can feel it
like there's stirr in her heart
she see it see it
enjoy seeing it
enjoy talking about it
claim about the bling bling of that
o yeah
it's so good
come on
let us
wake up wake up
together with mr sun
she smile to the world
and yell
"hey soul man"
the heiress of the world
lets get pump it today
take her bag and get in 4 round of elasticity
ahh..nothing better
been all over the world
and yet this is nothg
don u forget
the time has come
she walks she walks
in her style
egoism a bit
dont give a damn about losing
she can be in illusion
but she just dont care
cause she's one in a million (suddenly)
she walks and she walks
guess where that'll end
it's in row
get herself
fit in
small empty space
given by the world
it's a bless
she smiles she smiles
that is her
never stop believing
she open it open it
and hell!yeah!
she blur.
what should i do
gimme gimme
tell me tell me
she yells
someone come
take it
take it from her
it's confiscated
and hey
it's complicated
and gimme the look
what should she do
lost lost lost
*deep sigh*
3hours without it
she totally a loser
but not but not
when the shining glimmer come
"que sera sera"
"que sera sera"
move on move on
pen running
until the last drop of sweats
never stop inspiring
pen's running pen's running
yet no time
even words are thousand in mind
cannot defeat the pen
bye bye pen
bye bye paper
bye bye invigilators
hope you happy treating her
life is not depend on one matter
the future is long still to see
what will be
will be