Thursday, November 26, 2009

25november2009~bon voyage~

after having a hectic day in uitm..
i was ready to go back to my hometown...
I packed up all my stuffs
(like a lot of stuffs)
then i waited till 8pm..

bcoz we've promised to gather at the bus lot around 8.45pm.
after saying goodbye and having huggies2 with my friends,,
we're ready to go..
as soon as i boarded the bus..
i felt very sleepy like i couldn't open my eyes anymore..
with Rini beside me,,and a thick warm blanket..
i was in the mood of sleeping..

the Abg Bus played horror movie..
i started to feel sick and try not to vomit by drinking orange juice that i've bought earlier..
the trip was so smooth eventhough i don't like scary movie
(i covered my eyes everytime the ghosts showed up)

thanked to MR.BLANKET!!
after 3 hours journey..
everybody felt fatigue,hungry
and thirsty,,
so,,Abg Bas stopped the bus at a "warung" near Gerik...

we took the chances to "berkhalwat" lonely in the toilet..heheh
20cent money,
100% satisfaction..
while waiting for everyone to get in the bus back,
me and Kak Long snapped some

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


it was my turn to settle up my public speaking.
to think about the outline and the tittle was already a mayhem for me..
plus...1 night before that i was busy attending debate meeting that was preparing for the competition in next 3 weeks..hopefully i can be part of them..hehe
back to bussiness..
well..i was challenging myself to do a talk about my passion...eventhough i was already prepared with a talk entittled
( HOWEVER,after that i called amrina,enniey and urji hasyim asking them about what tittle should i do)
so,here they came with their ideas:
*asked me to do something linked with a process*
(ice cream making process)
*suggested me to talk about credit card*
(quite formal i think)
3)urji hasyim
*talk about something very rare*
(idea of talking about kuih sold during ramadhan)
well..thanks a lot for the ideas..
but at last..
i was making something about my self..
about my passion..which is..
it is not actually about the way of singing....
it was about the motive behind singing..
why people love to sing..
how singing contribute in our cognitive process..
how singing convince someone to stand in front of people..
and how singing make poeple sing..
for me it was an interesting idea..
so last night..
i was well prepared with my idea..with the help of my sweet roomate..i finished the last word,and went to sleep..
during the time of speaking..
BEL 313
~miss fatin~
called my name..and that was when my blood pressure increase..haha
so...confidently,,i walked in front and started my public speaking..
well...i managed to convince my lecturer and fellows that i am really fond of singing..
to xixi,syam and z.amir,,
thank you for being sporting and supportive..
..i love u guys..
eventhough none of three of u can sing,,
but the friendship i share with u,
is the best song i ever heard..
thank you..
by the way,,
it was all wearing the same shirt..which was Pre Law official t-shirt..
i was in black..hehehe...
after class ended...i got a call from Mr.Jalil,asking me to go to his office,,
in 6th Dec 2009
the KESEDAR club will be having and audition at BILIK STUDIO UITM KEDAH,
hungry for new talents and plus,,
we will be having BORIA competition next week..gudluck..

what a shame!!still 24112009

eventhough i have a lot of work to do...
it couldn't stop me from freely moving around uitm..hehe
at the evening...nearly dark evening...i got a call from my dearest lecturer,,
Mdm.Ct Khadijah
asking me to come and join the debate team...although i'm giving her so many
excuses,she still insists me to come,,
"Ala,you just come and tengok2 je la"
so sweet..hehe i like her very much...i decide to go,,thinking of my presence may establish support to my other fellow friends..hehe.
she looks very nice even with her simple baju kurung..accompany with her beloved husband,and her "malu tapi mahu" Haziq..
when it comes to the team distribution..i do not want to join it as i am not an expertise
in debate field..i'm not debating for about a years..
but,for the sake of respecting Mdm Khadijah,i joined the other debators,,
My team:
2)AZMI(part 1)
3)Faz(part 1)who surrender right before the war begins!
4)Dayah(the noble steed)i love u Dayah!!
the tittle of the debate is
and everyone who has been in tha room(b5) would know what happen after that,,,hehe
debating with UiTM already debators do give us nerve..hehe...however
for me..that is the part of learning...
and i won't stop learning...

goody-goody day..hehe,,24112009

i don't know why i think today is the best day ever(so far) usual...i wake up early...take a bath...singing while showering..hehe
of course not..
8 hours it not enough yet??
ready for my class,,it's BEL 260..the beautiful Miss Jaq enters the house of B4 with style..hehe
it's GROUPING time!!
i wonder,when it comes to grouping task,,my mind becomes clumsy,
my heart rate increase..,dupdap!!dupdap!! idea..luckily..
i'm in group with Zainal,Alyn,Lala,and Z.Amir..hehehe..we discuss about the most important gadget..
We list down only 3 finalists:
1)Digital Al-Quran(as muslims,we cannot afford to not to have this)
2)Handphone(I cannot call my abah without this)
3)Laptop(no movies,no internet without this)
and i think our group did very well,,hehe,,,cayyokk!!
Banned Hisyam from facebook!!!!!>>>zainal is the who came up with this idea,,hehe
after the heck of fun day in Miss Jaq's class,we walk together to the foodcourt,,
bcoz our tummy is yelling out at us..

23 november 2009

there's nothing i can say about the shiny day today...
perhaps it's not shining enough for me,
after an info that seeks for all prelawrians
part 1,2,3 to attend an induction(mainly to get to know each other)was it successful?
i don't think so..
so,,after buying my nasi goreng with no sayur plus teloq mate,
i went to the masria's mosque..
the atmosphere was quite hot..
everybody seemed to be in astonishment...well..maybe
the mosque failed to support our community,,hehe,,
"let the drama begins!!"
miss president starts the induction by reciting Al-Fatihah-which is the must thing to do-
then she starts her ''speech",personally for me..
it's all about condeming part 2...which is my part..hehe..everyone looks at each other.
from their eyes,,i can see a lot of 'persoalan' in their mind like
"why she says that?"
i rather say that,the things come out from our miss president
is 50% right and 50% incorrect...
these are severals words from her that to managed to jot down:
1)we were complaining about the colour of the notice
2)we are rude
4)we were not suporting our PreLawClub
and what so ever..
right after she finished her line...
here comes the crouching tiger...aummm!!!!!
i don't know her name actually..hehe
but let us call her miss anonymous
hehehe....she fired back the bullets that was aim to us..
one by one...inch by inch..
what a drama...keh3!
then after a few round of attacking back..we were getting sick of this...
come on!!!stop it la...!!
then,,mis anonymous seemed to cool down..
the induction continued
with an introduction session,,
first Part 1,then Part 2,and lastly Part 3..
"assalamualaikum(with a smile)
my name is Siti Atikah Abd Halim,
you can call me Siti Nurhaliza,
Pre Lawrian Part 2"
yes!!!it last at last..
we got out from the mosque without hesitation Pre Lawrians are full of drama...
but still,I love Pre Law..
n i'll try my best to give best for it...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sleeping is a satisfaction....

why do i say so?hehe my class starts a little bit later than usual..
so,,a lot of plan burst out from my mouth..
there are:
1)do some laundries
2)arranging notes(i've done it last night)
3)neating my locker(accomplished)
4)charging my phone(on the way)

well,,from all the plans that have been stated,,,i think i prefer plan #5!!
SLEEPING!!!!!!!!the best yet damn thing ever!who doesn't like sleeping.
plus,,,we can snore all the way long....the best music ever...hahahaha...
snore like we're dying..heheehe..

let me give some benefits of sleeping:
#1-sleeping is remedy(you sleep when u stress,then u wake up with a new mood,if only u're
having enough sleep)
#2-sleeping is fairytale(you can be whatever u wanna be while sleeping)
#3-sleeping is matchmaker(you can dream about your admiral or spouse)
#4-sleeping is satisfying(you can eat whatever you want)


yea!!!!tepongs rule!!!!!
evrybody jus like in a phantom!!!
where's xixi?
running eh?

  • Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.
  • suap menyuap...keeping our fun in moments!!
  • out of cake..
  • should we make out this scene faster??
  • the cake>>>>yummy!!!

kaki yg pulun men n jadi mangse komunis2 gandum..heheheehehe...

hooorraaayyy!!party gandum is here!!

halluuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!the best thing is always meant to that a killer joy statement..heheh's eny's besday...of coz we're having something for her...we've plan it thoroughly and make it's actually something to be proud of when we managed to seek for the cake in 2 hours..hehe..that's quite an adventure...(i dun know why i did not get the chance to snap the cake!stupid for me!-but still the party is a chaos..hehe,,,hisyam with a glass of syrup....planning of pouring it onto eny (the birthday girl)..sorry gonna have to work a lil bit hard to get off the stain..hehe..but the best part it...u're smiling...