Wednesday, November 25, 2009

goody-goody day..hehe,,24112009

i don't know why i think today is the best day ever(so far) usual...i wake up early...take a bath...singing while showering..hehe
of course not..
8 hours it not enough yet??
ready for my class,,it's BEL 260..the beautiful Miss Jaq enters the house of B4 with style..hehe
it's GROUPING time!!
i wonder,when it comes to grouping task,,my mind becomes clumsy,
my heart rate increase..,dupdap!!dupdap!! idea..luckily..
i'm in group with Zainal,Alyn,Lala,and Z.Amir..hehehe..we discuss about the most important gadget..
We list down only 3 finalists:
1)Digital Al-Quran(as muslims,we cannot afford to not to have this)
2)Handphone(I cannot call my abah without this)
3)Laptop(no movies,no internet without this)
and i think our group did very well,,hehe,,,cayyokk!!
Banned Hisyam from facebook!!!!!>>>zainal is the who came up with this idea,,hehe
after the heck of fun day in Miss Jaq's class,we walk together to the foodcourt,,
bcoz our tummy is yelling out at us..

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