Wednesday, November 25, 2009


it was my turn to settle up my public speaking.
to think about the outline and the tittle was already a mayhem for me..
plus...1 night before that i was busy attending debate meeting that was preparing for the competition in next 3 weeks..hopefully i can be part of them..hehe
back to bussiness..
well..i was challenging myself to do a talk about my passion...eventhough i was already prepared with a talk entittled
( HOWEVER,after that i called amrina,enniey and urji hasyim asking them about what tittle should i do)
so,here they came with their ideas:
*asked me to do something linked with a process*
(ice cream making process)
*suggested me to talk about credit card*
(quite formal i think)
3)urji hasyim
*talk about something very rare*
(idea of talking about kuih sold during ramadhan)
well..thanks a lot for the ideas..
but at last..
i was making something about my self..
about my passion..which is..
it is not actually about the way of singing....
it was about the motive behind singing..
why people love to sing..
how singing contribute in our cognitive process..
how singing convince someone to stand in front of people..
and how singing make poeple sing..
for me it was an interesting idea..
so last night..
i was well prepared with my idea..with the help of my sweet roomate..i finished the last word,and went to sleep..
during the time of speaking..
BEL 313
~miss fatin~
called my name..and that was when my blood pressure increase..haha
so...confidently,,i walked in front and started my public speaking..
well...i managed to convince my lecturer and fellows that i am really fond of singing..
to xixi,syam and z.amir,,
thank you for being sporting and supportive..
..i love u guys..
eventhough none of three of u can sing,,
but the friendship i share with u,
is the best song i ever heard..
thank you..
by the way,,
it was all wearing the same shirt..which was Pre Law official t-shirt..
i was in black..hehehe...
after class ended...i got a call from Mr.Jalil,asking me to go to his office,,
in 6th Dec 2009
the KESEDAR club will be having and audition at BILIK STUDIO UITM KEDAH,
hungry for new talents and plus,,
we will be having BORIA competition next week..gudluck..