Wednesday, November 25, 2009

23 november 2009

there's nothing i can say about the shiny day today...
perhaps it's not shining enough for me,
after an info that seeks for all prelawrians
part 1,2,3 to attend an induction(mainly to get to know each other)was it successful?
i don't think so..
so,,after buying my nasi goreng with no sayur plus teloq mate,
i went to the masria's mosque..
the atmosphere was quite hot..
everybody seemed to be in astonishment...well..maybe
the mosque failed to support our community,,hehe,,
"let the drama begins!!"
miss president starts the induction by reciting Al-Fatihah-which is the must thing to do-
then she starts her ''speech",personally for me..
it's all about condeming part 2...which is my part..hehe..everyone looks at each other.
from their eyes,,i can see a lot of 'persoalan' in their mind like
"why she says that?"
i rather say that,the things come out from our miss president
is 50% right and 50% incorrect...
these are severals words from her that to managed to jot down:
1)we were complaining about the colour of the notice
2)we are rude
4)we were not suporting our PreLawClub
and what so ever..
right after she finished her line...
here comes the crouching tiger...aummm!!!!!
i don't know her name actually..hehe
but let us call her miss anonymous
hehehe....she fired back the bullets that was aim to us..
one by one...inch by inch..
what a drama...keh3!
then after a few round of attacking back..we were getting sick of this...
come on!!!stop it la...!!
then,,mis anonymous seemed to cool down..
the induction continued
with an introduction session,,
first Part 1,then Part 2,and lastly Part 3..
"assalamualaikum(with a smile)
my name is Siti Atikah Abd Halim,
you can call me Siti Nurhaliza,
Pre Lawrian Part 2"
yes!!!it last at last..
we got out from the mosque without hesitation Pre Lawrians are full of drama...
but still,I love Pre Law..
n i'll try my best to give best for it...

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