Saturday, November 26, 2011

standing ovation to uitm mock trial the musical :) the end.

hello ! what a great night !

fiRst of all..i would like to thank everyone especially the Dean of Faculty of Laws,who never stop praising me,thankyou so much maam,and the lecturers who attended and watched the performance :) i ...i mean we..the production,appreciate it much ...your kindness and support were priceless..the laughs,the giggles,thats the one cheered up the night last night ..

as for all the crews,casts and the adhoc,u guys really deserved the honor and respect :) it was a great experience working with all of you..not to forget Becca and the gang for being so cooperative :) and its nice to be part of Uitm Mock Trial The Musical : Di Belakang Jalan Lurus as Siti Saka Sakaratulmaut :)

well,the journey of practicing,remembering the lines,the steps,the mimics and everything took a month or more from our was such a tiring yet enticing feeling..coping up with assignments,and tight classes schedule,koko plus other things,really provide the ground of challenge for us :0 yep! despite those thing WE MADE IT ! YES PEOPLE! WE MADE IT !
believe it or not,last night performing was the first time ever we 're doing that thing as one packet performance ..and the Bila April's ending,never been planned but that was the sweetest...To Fazley and Imran Ajmain ,thanks for your time,and cooperation and your kindness to show up for us :) and personally,Fazley will always been my inspiration ..

despite of conflicts occured,we conquered it guys ! seriously,this is the greatest team i've been working with ...the seniors were just great and we're enjoying our sacred huha huha time together...

personallyi would like to dedicate this Congratulation to Lanlan,Fiza,Aminul,Tassy,Alia,Shanur,Iz,Ezwar,Aini Hazieqah,Helmi,Fatma,Diba,Fadh,Yasmin,Amir,and fellow friends Aimi,Anaz,Ulfa,Apple,Nash,Jimmy,and the guys really set a par for the first-timer :)
i love seeing how people appreciate what we're been working for all this time..and to see how they enjoyed it as much as we did on the stage last nita,it ahhhhhhwsome!!! the show just went smooth eventhough we're having some problems with the PA system but it did not matter at all.most importantly,we had gave our best last night ! JAI HO ! ape yg penting?enjoyed the characters kan??

to all my dearest friends,soulmate,classmates,Un,syaz ,lily ,atoi,amrah,amrina and gee,zizi's gang,kinah,nurul ,lila,azira,juniors hazirah,amy,mija,and kwn2 satu badge and others yang tak mention,your appearance and support,always be an inspiration for me :) thankyou once again..


p/s : by far,this was the most exciting play i ever involved with :) wishing there'll be more to come..insyaAllah..