Thursday, April 8, 2010

life is hard

i cn we,people,accept the truth dat
life is not as fun as we think,,,yet it is hard like we never thought it
will be..,i mean,,,let's just segmented life into a few phase..
4)golden age
OMG!for God sake,,i hope my golden age wouldn't cone too fast,,,
btb,,babyhood....i think this is not the most difficult
part of us,,the only thing we have to bear is,,we can't ask
for "neneng" if we r thirsty,,of coz la,,,we can't tell...
"mak!adik nk susu" as clear as now,,,so,,,we have to strain our muscle,,,,
and cry
for a bottle of "susu cap kantung"........i think that is the healthiest
and "barokah" food over the i know why i'm being this
and we keep on crying and growing as big as we can till now..
then,,,teenagers,,,i wonder,,,this is the best part ever,,haha,,
this is the part where i'm being the centre of attention in my family..
with my dangdut song,,,,,with my neneng...(i isap neneng till i standard 6 tau)
with my mas idayu gelek,,haha,,,evryone seems happy to be entertained..
entering tadika,,,that is the time i did my first performance at PTK,,i
was the little buzzing bee in yellow black stripes costume.hehe
everything seem to be under control at this age,,,
when it comes to begin a journey of an adult,,,,i become so weak,,,,and flat..
i really hate my secondary school journey,,,coz there's nothing about it
that can be proud of,,
back then,,,i was so stupid,,,,hidious,,yet,,i like the way my looks transform
year by year..
i gain a lot of experience in dealing with different style of people,,,
and when i got a place in Uni,,,i found the same atmosphere ,,,the same
air,,,but definitely not the same people,,,,
here,,i manage to apply some of my skills,,
"motivating people=motivating myself"

for somehow,,,I believe dat people never know how special
someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave,
so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is..
come on,,,,,wake up!!!!!!
look,,i never try to be bias,,,,but,,,let us try to be with the"victim"
lets understand both characters....then,u'll understand evrything,,,yet,,i still
uphold that,,,people are not perfect"...but the effort to be 1 should be given
"n this is the hardest part of my life,,when i'm trying to be a freelance listener,
flexible,,,just,,,and fair
only to satisfy both...but I believe,,,when u want people to believe u
with all the secrets,,,,u should make them believe in u first,
and to what extent does this matter related to u?i think
everyone had this before,,,it's nice,,,to know that u r believable.....he3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Siti wins more and more........

yeezzza,,,,tonite is my best nite i guess..why??
coz ct wins!!!
1)Anugerah Penyanyi Wanita Popular
2)Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular

ct looks absolutely stunning tonite,,,
even i cannot bear to not to look at her,,,eventhough she's in TV and i'm right here,on my furry2 sofa,with iced milo in my left hand and a slice of Gardenia bread in my right,,
Siti nurhaliza,,,u are outrageously amazing,,,,with the look,the voice,the
humanity,,,,,,u deserved to win,,,
no one can beat u,,,,even ,,,who's that guy,,,Mawi???~whose received a great cikaBOOOOOO from the audience when his name is mentioned ,,,,n Nabil????both of them can never put you down,,,,it is u yourself who keep hiking the mountain of greatness,,,
OMG!!!!how i wish to see u,,,taking a precious photo with u,,,
ask u to sign in my diary and
write a piece of word in there,,,,,oh Siti!!!!!!!
it is a great feeling to see u win back your throne,,,keep it up Siti,,


Comedian Din beramboi laid to rest in peace....

Al-fatihah....after spending a moment of hardship,,,the family of Allayarham Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri, or usually known as Din Beramboi had to accept that the comedian and part time DJ died at the Selayang Hospital early yesterday morning.Din Beramboi, 44, was admitted on Monday evening for fever.However, he was in critical condition with dengue shock syndrome by Thursday evening.Hope he rest in peace,,,May Allah bless him..Amin,,