Friday, December 25, 2009

good to be home

huuhu,,,home sweet home...haha..
sgt bagus cuti ni...dpt balik umah..makan kat umah,,,mandi kt umah..pipis kat umah..
bak kate...sumenye kt umah la,,keselesaan tu mmg terserlah lah,,hahaha,,oo ye...nebes ttgu esok ni....esok ex smipians wat reunion....1st time wat kt taman,...comey ngat eh...hehe.....well,,,,still 9 hours to go.....hv some sleep...then eat,,then drive safely to meet them...hope everything gonna be okay...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hommy2 wait for me...

i can't never really tell u why..
i've been missing u a lot...
waaa.....can't wait to be home...
abah...adik misses u so much..haha
mis me x??
will be on board on 10.30pm tomorrow's Wednesday..
haha...but thinking of having KFC before that...
dun know why i'm kind of starving this weekend..
usually,i eat 2 times per day...
but this week,i eat 3 times per day....wat the heck!!!
i think i've put on some weights..
ahh...doesn't matter la...
as long as AKU HEPI..
`~~~kalo ko x hepi``~~~~
~~~~ADE AKU KESAH??!!~~~~
So,,mind your own biz k...,i'm a loser..
it's normal to lose in "lengan fight" with un...
but to lose it with ALYN???????can u believe?????
so,,today i'm quite moody...
ahaha....malu beb!!
ko pe tau???!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


wanna know something..
i got no class for 4 days..
why i'm laughing??
coz i am the last person to know that we've 4 days of holiday..
this time.i am "lepaking" with Rihan and Sakinah..hehe
12 hours of sleep everday..hahaha..
i think if there is sleeping competition,we will be the immortal champion..hehe
even we enjoy our holiday that much,
we're doing our job..
i manage to finish my BEL313 assgmennts,and on my way of finishing my MTC037 which is an assignment about "THE EFFECT OF APPLICATION OF ISLAMIC LAW IN MALAYSIA"'s not a tough job...but i myself cannot find a way to tolerate with time...
when you're doing your job while logging in to Facebook
or MySpace,the job seems to be delayed..hehehe
of course,,no problem with food...hehe
-nasi puteh
-ayam goreng
-telor mate
-sambal belacan

they are enough for me in order to survive..hehehe
about bathing,,,i think it is considerable when u take ur bath quite late during holiday..hehee...understand,understand,and understand..huhuuhuhu
late night movie?
not a very good movie..
but it will be okay if u're lack of movie in ur hard disk,,,
emm...what else?
ooo yes...
i rarely play game this time..
coz half of my playmate are at home...
i'm the one who stuck here..
it doesn't matter...
luckily 4 me...
i am a "DO NOT CARE" person..hehehe
so,,keep on keeping on...hehehe

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

member-member-the contract of life

playing around while waiting for the sun to say goodbye..huhu
and picture taken by eny..hehe
well..mybe i've found the way to not bear in mind that my life is full of stress right now,,
although,it's burden me..haha
Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.
missing the moments..huhu

~~smiling mood~~

hallu there!!!!!
first of all,
i would like to say that
this december is my best december ever!!
in my last post
i did tell u that i was having a hard time
to cope up with study and curricullar activity..
plus,i did tell u about my participation
in UiTM Kedah Boria's team for Festkum 2009..
i was meant to be as back up singer..together with
adorable Aron Amin,
talented Pali,
cute Zuzu,
hot Apple
charming A.Faizal..
hehe...we made such a great team,,
in collaboration
with the beautiful and handsome dancers,,
Kak Yana,Kak Zati,Kak Wanie,
my dearest Nisa,Kak Kecik,
with our best actors,
A.Kecik,A,Faizal and Faris
and our golden Maha..
hehe....we made such a superb team..hehe

after 7 days of hardworking
we managed to perform well during the competition..
it was a big shocked for us the get 2nd place,,,
you might say it's ridiculous for us to win if you knew what really happen to us before the competition :
i'll tell u what

1)something happened to our bus
we stucked at the roadside of Jalan Duta for 2 hours
at that time,it's 7pm already

2)We had been scolded by urusetia UKM for our late arrival

3)xuxu having a terrible gastric pain,,poor her!!thanks to the guys!

4)we didn't have enough sleep coz we need to mend and alter the outfit for the competition

5)one hour for every outfit-it's 10 dancers
try u imagine!!!!

6)the dancers still didn't master the steps!
kak Yana-the coreographer started to depress!

7)the back up singers could not reach the note!
i didn't know why

8)maha-in trouble of remembering the lyrics that kept changing
again and again..

after dealing with too many problems,
we're hoping and praying to God to help us and our emotion and spiritualism started to going down,
the only thing we could do is

but we did try our best during our performance!!
God really blessed us,,
we got unexpected 2nd place for Boria
and managed to help UiTM
to be in 2nd place overall compared to other Uni all over Malaysia..
for sure,
We made our beloved Ayahanda,En.Jalil,proud of us..

Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia 2009 (FEStKUM ‘09) – 9 hingga 13 Disember 2009


Buat pertama kalinya Majlis Kebudayaan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia (MAKUM) menganjurkan Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia 2009 (FEStKUM ‘09) yang mengabungkan pelbagai bidang seni dari pelbagai kaum dalam satu kejohanan atau festival seni bersifat Gala.

Format FEStKUM ‘09 ini mengikut konsep sukan iaitu memperkenalkan Emas, Perak, Gangsa dengan perarakan Kontijen Seni Budaya setiap IPT yang akan berlangsung selama 5 hari bermula bermula 9 – 13 Disember 2009. UKM,UPM,UM dan UITM sebagai penganjur bersama FEStKUM ‘09 yang akan di jadikan venue pertandingan. Semestinya acara yang menjadi tumpuan adalah Pertandingan Dikir Barat antara Universiti-universiti yang di adakan pada 9 Disember 2009



Jadual penuh setiap acara pertandingan boleh di dapati di laman web rasmi FEStKUM ‘09.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


for now,my days are full of stress,,
not a bad one..but the good one..
i am busy handling my work,,
arranging my time,
coz i am really out of time..
u know..
i'm in the UiTM Kedah Boria team.,hehe
i don't know why..
at the first day training,,i thought i only need to be the back up voice for the
which is Abg Mahar..
something else happened..
I had to dance and yet..
i manage to learn a few steps,,
there is also a step calls
"action kame's step"
together with my friend Nisa,
we actually dancing,,
i'm quite good at it,,
i am never thought that my body is quite flexible...hehe
about 3 days of 10 hours training per day,
it is extra challenging for me..
i get the chance to make new friends with
-Abg Faizal
-Abg Dan
-Abg Kecik
-Abg Abbas
-Kak Zati
-Kak Wanie
-Kak Kecik
-Kak Yana(the coreographer)
-Abg Haqeem
-Abg Syafiq
-Abg Jalil
-Abg Faris
they are very nice...
able to make me and Nisa like a part of them eventhough
i already know that there is a lacuna between
Pre Lawrian

i'm not going to write long today..
a cause i really have long day to go today,,
we will compete for FESTKUM
(Festival Kesenian Universiti Malaysia)
and present our 1 MALAYSIA boria at
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
but,we will be staying at UiTM Shah Alam for a day due to the launching event,,
hope we manage to do better at the competition..
wish me luck!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2nd december 2009~yesterday~

it was one of the best day of my life..
we had no class yesterday..
so we decided to make our move to CS
longed for MR PIZZA..hehe
but before going to CS
i was making some budget list
so thAt we would not overpaid..

what do you think?
well..we managed to obey what we had planned..
tabbikk for us!!
actually we urged t play bowling.
but after 10 minutes choosing the package,
the bowling's staff said
"sory la dik,lane penoh la"
sial kn???
so,,we walked away from the bowling centre and went to a "barakah" place which
somehow,I stunned when I heard a very familiar voice sang
"My Heart Will Go On"
Lala was on the air,,
live singing beb!!
but I did not sat there for long cause my effort of going to CS was all about eating PIZZA!!

where's xixi?

xixi,,thanks for the cake,,really appreciate dat!
then we were all get ready to go back
and wait for Uncle Taxi near Maybank..

overall,i Enjoyed my company with them..hehehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my dearest teletubbies..

Ayunie Izzatie
"miss know evrythingg"

my little man

"the little princess"
Nur Udaimatuttasnim

i love them!!

goody2 day came again

when i went to class this morning,
all alone
my deareest classmates was wishing me hepi besday
and sang again..hehe
i got a present..
couldn't bear to not open it..
so,i opened it..
it was musical jewelry box
pink in colour
and had a lonely young girl hugging a star..
i guessed it's me..
thanks to xixi and nurul for that beautiful present..
now,i had a place to put my bangles in..hehe

then the day continued with people around me kept wishing me hepi besday..hehe
after having MTC 037 class with Madam Rosnelim,
me,ema and amrah,xixi and the other Pre Lawrians
played handball..
it's been so long i didn't play that thing..heheh
but,i still got the style ah..hehe

i'm 18 on 1st december 2009

hepi besday to me...hepi besday to me...
hepi besday to me..
hepi besday to Cik Ct Atikah..
it's my besday today..huhuhu
at 12 midnight(not so midnight)
i receive a lot of messages wishing me hepi besday and luck..
thanks dear..
it's really meant to me..
i'm never thought that he will be the 1st person to wish me..
it was out of my expectation actually..
so,i just sent him
"wow,thanks.x sngke igt ag besday saye"
very excited..
then,farhana and the gang walked in my room..and ready in line..
i wondered
what the heck is they were doing..
well,they sang me a hepi besday song..
that was so sweet..
after that a troop of my beloved friends ambushed me,,
Alyn,melia pendek,eny,iera,ella,kiena and aufa
attacked me,,
again..the besday song played through the air..
they really made my besday sweet..
after huggy2 and kiss
alyn took out a piece of paper,
emm,i wouldn't call it a paper,
a very precious one..

there wrote wishes for me

after that
zizie called me
and she sang hepi besday song right from the balcony
at the 4th floor..
thanks zie..

Monday, November 30, 2009

1st DEC 2009

off to campus

after spending 4days raya at home..
i'm still no ready to get back to campus...
about raya:
RAYA is great,,,very2 great,,
well,as for me,,even during the raya i only eat nasi and kicap,
but eating it with my lovely family,
it has been such a great feast for me,,,hehehe
family comes first in everything,,
night before raya,
we are talking to lembu(s),
asking them what they feel,
the best thing i can say is
my dearest mokyah has prepared
with many kind of lauk..
1)ayam masak merah
2)kerutuk daging
3)paceri nanas
4)acar with perut lembu
for some people it may be unfamiliar a lil bit..
but all i can say,
it is delicious!!!
feels like eating it again and again...
this tima,we are celebrating our raya with our new born baby,,
i will upload her pictures later coz i'm having problem with my cable phone,,!
i left it at home!!!damn!!
everytime i say
"adik umar,,,senyummmm..."
he will make his redup face at me..
maybe that's the only style he knows when posing..hehe
the brilliant one..
she's showing off her bracelet..hehe
so funny..
i really love them...
like org tua kata,
"budak2 ni penyeri kite bile dh tua2 ni"
i think it's true..
my family?
i love them..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

25november2009~bon voyage~

after having a hectic day in uitm..
i was ready to go back to my hometown...
I packed up all my stuffs
(like a lot of stuffs)
then i waited till 8pm..

bcoz we've promised to gather at the bus lot around 8.45pm.
after saying goodbye and having huggies2 with my friends,,
we're ready to go..
as soon as i boarded the bus..
i felt very sleepy like i couldn't open my eyes anymore..
with Rini beside me,,and a thick warm blanket..
i was in the mood of sleeping..

the Abg Bus played horror movie..
i started to feel sick and try not to vomit by drinking orange juice that i've bought earlier..
the trip was so smooth eventhough i don't like scary movie
(i covered my eyes everytime the ghosts showed up)

thanked to MR.BLANKET!!
after 3 hours journey..
everybody felt fatigue,hungry
and thirsty,,
so,,Abg Bas stopped the bus at a "warung" near Gerik...

we took the chances to "berkhalwat" lonely in the toilet..heheh
20cent money,
100% satisfaction..
while waiting for everyone to get in the bus back,
me and Kak Long snapped some

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


it was my turn to settle up my public speaking.
to think about the outline and the tittle was already a mayhem for me..
plus...1 night before that i was busy attending debate meeting that was preparing for the competition in next 3 weeks..hopefully i can be part of them..hehe
back to bussiness..
well..i was challenging myself to do a talk about my passion...eventhough i was already prepared with a talk entittled
( HOWEVER,after that i called amrina,enniey and urji hasyim asking them about what tittle should i do)
so,here they came with their ideas:
*asked me to do something linked with a process*
(ice cream making process)
*suggested me to talk about credit card*
(quite formal i think)
3)urji hasyim
*talk about something very rare*
(idea of talking about kuih sold during ramadhan)
well..thanks a lot for the ideas..
but at last..
i was making something about my self..
about my passion..which is..
it is not actually about the way of singing....
it was about the motive behind singing..
why people love to sing..
how singing contribute in our cognitive process..
how singing convince someone to stand in front of people..
and how singing make poeple sing..
for me it was an interesting idea..
so last night..
i was well prepared with my idea..with the help of my sweet roomate..i finished the last word,and went to sleep..
during the time of speaking..
BEL 313
~miss fatin~
called my name..and that was when my blood pressure increase..haha
so...confidently,,i walked in front and started my public speaking..
well...i managed to convince my lecturer and fellows that i am really fond of singing..
to xixi,syam and z.amir,,
thank you for being sporting and supportive..
..i love u guys..
eventhough none of three of u can sing,,
but the friendship i share with u,
is the best song i ever heard..
thank you..
by the way,,
it was all wearing the same shirt..which was Pre Law official t-shirt..
i was in black..hehehe...
after class ended...i got a call from Mr.Jalil,asking me to go to his office,,
in 6th Dec 2009
the KESEDAR club will be having and audition at BILIK STUDIO UITM KEDAH,
hungry for new talents and plus,,
we will be having BORIA competition next week..gudluck..

what a shame!!still 24112009

eventhough i have a lot of work to do...
it couldn't stop me from freely moving around uitm..hehe
at the evening...nearly dark evening...i got a call from my dearest lecturer,,
Mdm.Ct Khadijah
asking me to come and join the debate team...although i'm giving her so many
excuses,she still insists me to come,,
"Ala,you just come and tengok2 je la"
so sweet..hehe i like her very much...i decide to go,,thinking of my presence may establish support to my other fellow friends..hehe.
she looks very nice even with her simple baju kurung..accompany with her beloved husband,and her "malu tapi mahu" Haziq..
when it comes to the team distribution..i do not want to join it as i am not an expertise
in debate field..i'm not debating for about a years..
but,for the sake of respecting Mdm Khadijah,i joined the other debators,,
My team:
2)AZMI(part 1)
3)Faz(part 1)who surrender right before the war begins!
4)Dayah(the noble steed)i love u Dayah!!
the tittle of the debate is
and everyone who has been in tha room(b5) would know what happen after that,,,hehe
debating with UiTM already debators do give us nerve..hehe...however
for me..that is the part of learning...
and i won't stop learning...

goody-goody day..hehe,,24112009

i don't know why i think today is the best day ever(so far) usual...i wake up early...take a bath...singing while showering..hehe
of course not..
8 hours it not enough yet??
ready for my class,,it's BEL 260..the beautiful Miss Jaq enters the house of B4 with style..hehe
it's GROUPING time!!
i wonder,when it comes to grouping task,,my mind becomes clumsy,
my heart rate increase..,dupdap!!dupdap!! idea..luckily..
i'm in group with Zainal,Alyn,Lala,and Z.Amir..hehehe..we discuss about the most important gadget..
We list down only 3 finalists:
1)Digital Al-Quran(as muslims,we cannot afford to not to have this)
2)Handphone(I cannot call my abah without this)
3)Laptop(no movies,no internet without this)
and i think our group did very well,,hehe,,,cayyokk!!
Banned Hisyam from facebook!!!!!>>>zainal is the who came up with this idea,,hehe
after the heck of fun day in Miss Jaq's class,we walk together to the foodcourt,,
bcoz our tummy is yelling out at us..

23 november 2009

there's nothing i can say about the shiny day today...
perhaps it's not shining enough for me,
after an info that seeks for all prelawrians
part 1,2,3 to attend an induction(mainly to get to know each other)was it successful?
i don't think so..
so,,after buying my nasi goreng with no sayur plus teloq mate,
i went to the masria's mosque..
the atmosphere was quite hot..
everybody seemed to be in astonishment...well..maybe
the mosque failed to support our community,,hehe,,
"let the drama begins!!"
miss president starts the induction by reciting Al-Fatihah-which is the must thing to do-
then she starts her ''speech",personally for me..
it's all about condeming part 2...which is my part..hehe..everyone looks at each other.
from their eyes,,i can see a lot of 'persoalan' in their mind like
"why she says that?"
i rather say that,the things come out from our miss president
is 50% right and 50% incorrect...
these are severals words from her that to managed to jot down:
1)we were complaining about the colour of the notice
2)we are rude
4)we were not suporting our PreLawClub
and what so ever..
right after she finished her line...
here comes the crouching tiger...aummm!!!!!
i don't know her name actually..hehe
but let us call her miss anonymous
hehehe....she fired back the bullets that was aim to us..
one by one...inch by inch..
what a drama...keh3!
then after a few round of attacking back..we were getting sick of this...
come on!!!stop it la...!!
then,,mis anonymous seemed to cool down..
the induction continued
with an introduction session,,
first Part 1,then Part 2,and lastly Part 3..
"assalamualaikum(with a smile)
my name is Siti Atikah Abd Halim,
you can call me Siti Nurhaliza,
Pre Lawrian Part 2"
yes!!!it last at last..
we got out from the mosque without hesitation Pre Lawrians are full of drama...
but still,I love Pre Law..
n i'll try my best to give best for it...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sleeping is a satisfaction....

why do i say so?hehe my class starts a little bit later than usual..
so,,a lot of plan burst out from my mouth..
there are:
1)do some laundries
2)arranging notes(i've done it last night)
3)neating my locker(accomplished)
4)charging my phone(on the way)

well,,from all the plans that have been stated,,,i think i prefer plan #5!!
SLEEPING!!!!!!!!the best yet damn thing ever!who doesn't like sleeping.
plus,,,we can snore all the way long....the best music ever...hahahaha...
snore like we're dying..heheehe..

let me give some benefits of sleeping:
#1-sleeping is remedy(you sleep when u stress,then u wake up with a new mood,if only u're
having enough sleep)
#2-sleeping is fairytale(you can be whatever u wanna be while sleeping)
#3-sleeping is matchmaker(you can dream about your admiral or spouse)
#4-sleeping is satisfying(you can eat whatever you want)


yea!!!!tepongs rule!!!!!
evrybody jus like in a phantom!!!
where's xixi?
running eh?

  • Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.
  • suap menyuap...keeping our fun in moments!!
  • out of cake..
  • should we make out this scene faster??
  • the cake>>>>yummy!!!

kaki yg pulun men n jadi mangse komunis2 gandum..heheheehehe...

hooorraaayyy!!party gandum is here!!

halluuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!the best thing is always meant to that a killer joy statement..heheh's eny's besday...of coz we're having something for her...we've plan it thoroughly and make it's actually something to be proud of when we managed to seek for the cake in 2 hours..hehe..that's quite an adventure...(i dun know why i did not get the chance to snap the cake!stupid for me!-but still the party is a chaos..hehe,,,hisyam with a glass of syrup....planning of pouring it onto eny (the birthday girl)..sorry gonna have to work a lil bit hard to get off the stain..hehe..but the best part it...u're smiling...

Friday, November 20, 2009

hectic yet smiling....

so tired!that's the only word that can best describe my life's already a chaos when someone started to chart a bus so that we can go back to our hometown which is first,i am totally disagree with this idea as i have no experience in charting a bus...espeacially when it comes at this distance...Kedah-kelantan and so's a really big matter to handle..
to make this post thriller,the process of gathering and counting the number of Kelantanese that wanna go back do frighten us...for a few sec,we feel happy...then we feel hopeless for another second...people just call and give us their names without conforming it...after that..they'll call back and said "opps!sorry...we can' join you,we already bought the tickets" and other bla,,bla,,bla reason...emm...for a while..i can still put my head over my body....somehow....when it comes to the real conversation...there're only 23 out of 32 people that promise to buy ticket under us,,,what the f***!!!!!!!this is the time where we must apply critical cancelling it...that's will you feel,,,when you've romised to someone that you will do something for him and then you break it,,feeling guilty rite?then...i have a little wise conversation with my hicom broker which are myrah and rihan...after a few bla bla,,we decide to cancel it...but when we see the looks of everybody's faces,,,we can't pursue the asked rihan to talk slowly with "Abg Bas"-bro,you're the greatest!!-he is very considerable...we managed to ask him to take us home with only 23!!the price stays put!hehe...he's so kind....what a satisfaction we get when we managed to proudly yelled to others.."hey!!!we're going back!!!" and everybody is "hoooraaaaayyying"..hehehe..but still...another problem with another person...and that will be a secret...hehehe....bcoz it is already solved....particularly....i have worked really hard to reach this stage....together with Rihan and Myrah...we'll make such a great team...we can do more...but not by being 'broker',,,hehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

when there is lacuna.....

after being manipulated for past 3 days,i've seen there something incomplete with me...something still missing...ya!!!!that's lacuna!!!! far as my observation,,,people do not care who u are,,,,what's your achievements...what's your contribution......the 1st thing they demand from you is what u have???this world is going to be really crap!!how can they're being really mean and ruthless?somehow,i stunned when this is really happen to me..i just keep asking myself,,am i giving not enough to them?it does make me other version of crying...hehe...u c..people are not well grateful on everything they have...they just hoping for more and more...although we can only give less..i really yearn to call this damn living thing as hypnotic balloon....once we got them in hands,,they give us sort of that...but after we missed them,it fled away...making us running after them,,,then,leave us innocently all alone without any explanantion....well seems that u do not know the beautiful meaning of unending just came as ants when we pour sugar onto the floor,,then after you've enjoyed what we give,,you left us like we're only a packet of sweetmeat to you....that's irrational.... friendship..for me is an unending legacy that unfolding love.....why are you treating me like a jerk.....!!damn!!yes,,i know i am a little bit difficult to be noticed...but i got my own be loved..pampered.... and remembered.....and now i think that you only come to me if,and only if you had a really terrible problem...em...dun worry...tikah can help....tikah can give you this...tikah can easily be fooled,,,,she willl do evrything...she is that what you think about me??huh??so funny you guys...for now this is how i can recreated myself...jus being who i used to be...and i am agree...sometimes...silent can be very loud......i can't be perfect....and will never be one....i just love of being me even i am so tired of that.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

still smiling,even hurting...

if the walls could talk.....will it be nice rite.....???

Sometime in everyone's life, they feel betrayed and all alone, like everything is a lie. You are trapped in a world of anger and rage and you can only see red through your eyes. No one seem to see when you are going through this time, or understand why.

But it is times like these that God takes you in His arms and tames your wild mind and assures you, you are never alone.

If these walls could talk,
you'd know my body is dead,
my mind has been taken over,
that's why I am so scared,
I can't control it,
anger is making me blind,
I've been left here on my own
chained to a hate of some kind.
If these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk,
you'd know about my fears,
about all those nights I screamed for help,
about all my fallen tears.
You'd know about the demons
haunting me at night,
you'd be able to help me
keep my fire alight,
if these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk
they would say that it's all right,
God sends His angels
to look over me at night.
They'd encourage me,
say though I am alone
it doesn't mean I‘m on my own.
He watches me, from above
and showers me with all His love,
if only these walls could talk.

poor beyonce>>>hahahaha

R&B star Beyonce Knowles has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia, the event's organizer said Monday, following accusations by Islamic conservatives that the show would be immoral.

Knowles, known for her provocative clothes and choreography, had been scheduled to perform at a Kuala Lumpur stadium Oct. 25. The show has been postponed to a future date to be announced shortly.The postponement is a decision of the artist and has nothing to do with other external reasons. to say whether the decision was prompted by criticism from the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the country's largest opposition group, which has called for the show to be scrapped because it would promote "Western sexy performances."

Knowles also canceled a planned performance in Malaysia in 2007 following protest threats by the opposition Islamic party. At the time, her talent agency said the show was called off due to a scheduling conflict.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do you think it is rude to talk on your cell phone while being checked out at the grocery store?

I think it's completely rude to the cashier. What do you think?
I think it is not only rude to the cashier....but I think it is rude to subject everyone everywhere to conversations people are having on cellphones.

When one is speaking on one's phone, one may not realize it, but the truth is that the sound of a voice carries.....unless you are a physician taking care of an emergency call from your office regarding a patient....there is little else anyone else wants to have your conversation about held publicly in the middle of shopping, church, movies, wait lines, restaurants...anywhere...

I have stood in line behind people who are unloading their baskets with one arm....because the other arm is so busy holding onto a cellphone...then waited to pay while this person...considerably slowed down because they won't hang up long enough to handle the transaction in a way courteous not only to the cashier but to everyone else waiting in line behind them...

...I wish they didn't ....and I think several people are simply sick to the back teeth of dealing with people on those danged phones creating problems for everyone around them by doing so. And, basically, yes....if you are on your phone, do not expect a cashier, clerk, or anyone else in the world to stand and wait on you to finish.

Either get out of line...go anything except subject the rest of us to your conversations.... When you are ready to transact business, turn your phone off, transact your business...then leave.... Once you get outside turn your phone again....and then turn it off before you start up your car...l

it's been 2 months,,,since..i wrote...

waaa....suda 2 bulan x update blog....why????????kkeyu??? idea la nape.....kdg2 is better to stay

Sunday, September 6, 2009

mangse2 nye...........

inilah keadaan ngse fogging yg teraniaya...abg foggy tu,,,,naik punya prangai......hishh!!!

hey!!mr.foggy is here...........!!!

nk tau x,,,ari ni kabush melande mahsuri,,,kononnye...hehe....ape ke hal nye fogging ptg2 gni...mati akai ke hape........da la dkt waktu berbuke.....ntah pape la.........

Thursday, September 3, 2009

siti situ sana sini...

ini saye,,,,,saye baru je habes test mtc 016..hehe...rase cm brade lam keamanan je bile habes td mdm sarirah baik punte tersengguk...mybe die pnat kot...sian die....mdm,,,,mdm kene jg diri tau,,,jgn buat keje kuat2 sgt...nati mdm sakit,sape susa...kitorg syg mdm..hehehe......oo ye......mgu dpn still ade 1 lg ari ni "abah" cancel klas...sal abah sakit mate...sian abah.....

test mtc012........yahooo.....sudah berakhir....

hehe...akhirnye......2nd test 4 mtc012 da abesh....lega skit jiwe dan rage mane ye agk2 test tu???alhmdulillah kot..huhu...xtau la....blur hiler mase giler pom asenye x blur yg pntg...test suda abesh ma......!!
p/s:miss khadijah cntek sgt mlm td...mcm angel.....miss...we lap u!!

santapan di hotmaassss!!!!so hot ler...

hehe...aku,kak seha,kak nad,ngan kak jd merendek la ari ni..hehehe....xplan pom....tbe2 klas btal,,,so aku ikot dorg balik umah amek wallet,,,hehehe......besnye...pstu kitorg bukak poso kt hotmas..bes,,,murah n cedaappp.........byk plak tu...kitorg siap tapau lg tu...hehe
utk ksekian kalinye,,,,,,ct paparkan la juadah2 yg kami mkn mase bukak pose smalam....huhu

Saturday, August 29, 2009

jom singgah sahur......

yahoooo..singgah sahur kali ni kt dining mahsuri...beli nasik gureng cine xde xbest....mat chef tu masak tawau..hehehe.....puase punye psl...telan je la...kan3???

ini rini....die sedang berzanji...zikrullah....

pg ni....hujan trun dgn lbatnye.......rini tbe2 x bangun2...knape?mengape?bgaimne?haaa......rini tdo 12 jam ari ni....die mmg hebat.......the sleep queen......aku bngun awl tau..kul 10...heheheh....awl 4 jam dari rini....

p/s:rini mmg hebat