Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm 18 on 1st december 2009

hepi besday to me...hepi besday to me...
hepi besday to me..
hepi besday to Cik Ct Atikah..
it's my besday today..huhuhu
at 12 midnight(not so midnight)
i receive a lot of messages wishing me hepi besday and luck..
thanks dear..
it's really meant to me..
i'm never thought that he will be the 1st person to wish me..
it was out of my expectation actually..
so,i just sent him
"wow,thanks.x sngke igt ag besday saye"
very excited..
then,farhana and the gang walked in my room..and ready in line..
i wondered
what the heck is they were doing..
well,they sang me a hepi besday song..
that was so sweet..
after that a troop of my beloved friends ambushed me,,
Alyn,melia pendek,eny,iera,ella,kiena and aufa
attacked me,,
again..the besday song played through the air..
they really made my besday sweet..
after huggy2 and kiss
alyn took out a piece of paper,
emm,i wouldn't call it a paper,
a very precious one..

there wrote wishes for me

after that
zizie called me
and she sang hepi besday song right from the balcony
at the 4th floor..
thanks zie..

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