Monday, November 30, 2009

off to campus

after spending 4days raya at home..
i'm still no ready to get back to campus...
about raya:
RAYA is great,,,very2 great,,
well,as for me,,even during the raya i only eat nasi and kicap,
but eating it with my lovely family,
it has been such a great feast for me,,,hehehe
family comes first in everything,,
night before raya,
we are talking to lembu(s),
asking them what they feel,
the best thing i can say is
my dearest mokyah has prepared
with many kind of lauk..
1)ayam masak merah
2)kerutuk daging
3)paceri nanas
4)acar with perut lembu
for some people it may be unfamiliar a lil bit..
but all i can say,
it is delicious!!!
feels like eating it again and again...
this tima,we are celebrating our raya with our new born baby,,
i will upload her pictures later coz i'm having problem with my cable phone,,!
i left it at home!!!damn!!
everytime i say
"adik umar,,,senyummmm..."
he will make his redup face at me..
maybe that's the only style he knows when posing..hehe
the brilliant one..
she's showing off her bracelet..hehe
so funny..
i really love them...
like org tua kata,
"budak2 ni penyeri kite bile dh tua2 ni"
i think it's true..
my family?
i love them..

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