Saturday, December 5, 2009


for now,my days are full of stress,,
not a bad one..but the good one..
i am busy handling my work,,
arranging my time,
coz i am really out of time..
u know..
i'm in the UiTM Kedah Boria team.,hehe
i don't know why..
at the first day training,,i thought i only need to be the back up voice for the
which is Abg Mahar..
something else happened..
I had to dance and yet..
i manage to learn a few steps,,
there is also a step calls
"action kame's step"
together with my friend Nisa,
we actually dancing,,
i'm quite good at it,,
i am never thought that my body is quite flexible...hehe
about 3 days of 10 hours training per day,
it is extra challenging for me..
i get the chance to make new friends with
-Abg Faizal
-Abg Dan
-Abg Kecik
-Abg Abbas
-Kak Zati
-Kak Wanie
-Kak Kecik
-Kak Yana(the coreographer)
-Abg Haqeem
-Abg Syafiq
-Abg Jalil
-Abg Faris
they are very nice...
able to make me and Nisa like a part of them eventhough
i already know that there is a lacuna between
Pre Lawrian

i'm not going to write long today..
a cause i really have long day to go today,,
we will compete for FESTKUM
(Festival Kesenian Universiti Malaysia)
and present our 1 MALAYSIA boria at
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
but,we will be staying at UiTM Shah Alam for a day due to the launching event,,
hope we manage to do better at the competition..
wish me luck!!!!!


  1. cute ngat eh..hehe

  2. actually diploma student okay with pre-law student. i already get along with pre law student about 4 sem and different ppl.. as long as they have 'i want make fren' in their heart.. there is nothing wrong about pre-law or diploma student actually.. okay.. i admit.. some ppl r sux.. but not all.. :)

  3. yes it does..
    i'm also having fun with other borians which all of them are diplomian,,,
    but sometimes,it's not me,but others that have that kind of mindset..but,i love my borians,,,coz they are superb!

  4. oh.. i would like to know more about them.. ;)
    boleh senaraikan tak name yang baik dengan kamu sampai yang kawan biase2.. mane tau ade yang saye kenal..

  5. lupe kos diorg..just mention the name k..hehe..well..sume org ckp sy nmpak rpat ngan kak zati,,die sgt cantik,baik..kak wanie,,die sgt lmbut,,ske sakat dia,,kak yana yg aja saya mnari,kak kecik,sgt kecik n sgt best borak,,
    kalu boys plak..ada a.daniel@paman,,yg paling byk borak sy rase ngn abg hakim..mybe kami 1 negeri..skolah pom dkat2 je dulu...ade abg syafiq,,,ade jalil..ade abg kecik..ade faris..ade abbas...mahazir..
    act,after da abes boria..i miss them damn much.rase cm nk patah balik mase kitorg prektis xkisah kalu dorg xkisah sal sy..yg pntg sy syg team boria sy..hehe...wlaupun knal dun know why..rase cm da knal lame..