Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~~smiling mood~~

hallu there!!!!!
first of all,
i would like to say that
this december is my best december ever!!
in my last post
i did tell u that i was having a hard time
to cope up with study and curricullar activity..
plus,i did tell u about my participation
in UiTM Kedah Boria's team for Festkum 2009..
i was meant to be as back up singer..together with
adorable Aron Amin,
talented Pali,
cute Zuzu,
hot Apple
charming A.Faizal..
hehe...we made such a great team,,
in collaboration
with the beautiful and handsome dancers,,
Kak Yana,Kak Zati,Kak Wanie,
my dearest Nisa,Kak Kecik,
with our best actors,
A.Kecik,A,Faizal and Faris
and our golden Maha..
hehe....we made such a superb team..hehe

after 7 days of hardworking
we managed to perform well during the competition..
it was a big shocked for us the get 2nd place,,,
you might say it's ridiculous for us to win if you knew what really happen to us before the competition :
i'll tell u what

1)something happened to our bus
we stucked at the roadside of Jalan Duta for 2 hours
at that time,it's 7pm already

2)We had been scolded by urusetia UKM for our late arrival

3)xuxu having a terrible gastric pain,,poor her!!thanks to the guys!

4)we didn't have enough sleep coz we need to mend and alter the outfit for the competition

5)one hour for every outfit-it's 10 dancers
try u imagine!!!!

6)the dancers still didn't master the steps!
kak Yana-the coreographer started to depress!

7)the back up singers could not reach the note!
i didn't know why

8)maha-in trouble of remembering the lyrics that kept changing
again and again..

after dealing with too many problems,
we're hoping and praying to God to help us and our emotion and spiritualism started to going down,
the only thing we could do is

but we did try our best during our performance!!
God really blessed us,,
we got unexpected 2nd place for Boria
and managed to help UiTM
to be in 2nd place overall compared to other Uni all over Malaysia..
for sure,
We made our beloved Ayahanda,En.Jalil,proud of us..


  1. UiTM deserve to win... Congrats to all of u... Congrats to Jalil...well done although the sailor a little bit in their own world n there but overall its ok cause boria is not actually DANCE.

  2. Saya amat tertarik dengan penampilan Tukang Karang UiTM yang bersahaja, ada karisma, ada tone suara yang amat baik untuk Tukang Karang. Kalaulah dia tidak melakukan pergerakkan yang sama dengan Sailor...I'm sure Tukang Karang terbaik dalam tangan UiTM walaupun saya mendapat tahu ada masalah teknikal semasa pengumuman. kami sebagai juri hanya mencatat apa yang dibekalkan oleh penganjur iaitu nama (mungkin urusetia membuat typing error...jadi kamipun mengumumkan apa yang salah dibekalkan kepada kami namun begitu alhamdulillah nama Universiti betul.Selamat berboria...

  3. terima kasih ats komen2 yg diberikan.....hehehe...bila da masuk boria ni baru sy tau besnye boria..nsiht2 yg dberikan akn kami guna pkai 4 next event..
    sy pcaya,,,kami mng sbb ditakdirkan Allah,,
    n tak salah utk sy ckp yg sbb pasukan sy la,,kitorg mnang...tnpa diorg,,,we're nothing...n sy bangga ngan diorg sume...trima kaseh ats nsihat2...