Saturday, December 19, 2009


wanna know something..
i got no class for 4 days..
why i'm laughing??
coz i am the last person to know that we've 4 days of holiday..
this time.i am "lepaking" with Rihan and Sakinah..hehe
12 hours of sleep everday..hahaha..
i think if there is sleeping competition,we will be the immortal champion..hehe
even we enjoy our holiday that much,
we're doing our job..
i manage to finish my BEL313 assgmennts,and on my way of finishing my MTC037 which is an assignment about "THE EFFECT OF APPLICATION OF ISLAMIC LAW IN MALAYSIA"'s not a tough job...but i myself cannot find a way to tolerate with time...
when you're doing your job while logging in to Facebook
or MySpace,the job seems to be delayed..hehehe
of course,,no problem with food...hehe
-nasi puteh
-ayam goreng
-telor mate
-sambal belacan

they are enough for me in order to survive..hehehe
about bathing,,,i think it is considerable when u take ur bath quite late during holiday..hehee...understand,understand,and understand..huhuuhuhu
late night movie?
not a very good movie..
but it will be okay if u're lack of movie in ur hard disk,,,
emm...what else?
ooo yes...
i rarely play game this time..
coz half of my playmate are at home...
i'm the one who stuck here..
it doesn't matter...
luckily 4 me...
i am a "DO NOT CARE" person..hehehe
so,,keep on keeping on...hehehe

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  1. hahahaahahhaa..lawak ngat eh..hahahahha
    nie la lawak paling klakar abad ini.hahah