Friday, November 20, 2009

hectic yet smiling....

so tired!that's the only word that can best describe my life's already a chaos when someone started to chart a bus so that we can go back to our hometown which is first,i am totally disagree with this idea as i have no experience in charting a bus...espeacially when it comes at this distance...Kedah-kelantan and so's a really big matter to handle..
to make this post thriller,the process of gathering and counting the number of Kelantanese that wanna go back do frighten us...for a few sec,we feel happy...then we feel hopeless for another second...people just call and give us their names without conforming it...after that..they'll call back and said "opps!sorry...we can' join you,we already bought the tickets" and other bla,,bla,,bla reason...emm...for a while..i can still put my head over my body....somehow....when it comes to the real conversation...there're only 23 out of 32 people that promise to buy ticket under us,,,what the f***!!!!!!!this is the time where we must apply critical cancelling it...that's will you feel,,,when you've romised to someone that you will do something for him and then you break it,,feeling guilty rite?then...i have a little wise conversation with my hicom broker which are myrah and rihan...after a few bla bla,,we decide to cancel it...but when we see the looks of everybody's faces,,,we can't pursue the asked rihan to talk slowly with "Abg Bas"-bro,you're the greatest!!-he is very considerable...we managed to ask him to take us home with only 23!!the price stays put!hehe...he's so kind....what a satisfaction we get when we managed to proudly yelled to others.."hey!!!we're going back!!!" and everybody is "hoooraaaaayyying"..hehehe..but still...another problem with another person...and that will be a secret...hehehe....bcoz it is already solved....particularly....i have worked really hard to reach this stage....together with Rihan and Myrah...we'll make such a great team...we can do more...but not by being 'broker',,,hehe

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