Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what a shame!!still 24112009

eventhough i have a lot of work to do...
it couldn't stop me from freely moving around uitm..hehe
at the evening...nearly dark evening...i got a call from my dearest lecturer,,
Mdm.Ct Khadijah
asking me to come and join the debate team...although i'm giving her so many
excuses,she still insists me to come,,
"Ala,you just come and tengok2 je la"
so sweet..hehe i like her very much...i decide to go,,thinking of my presence may establish support to my other fellow friends..hehe.
she looks very nice even with her simple baju kurung..accompany with her beloved husband,and her "malu tapi mahu" Haziq..
when it comes to the team distribution..i do not want to join it as i am not an expertise
in debate field..i'm not debating for about a years..
but,for the sake of respecting Mdm Khadijah,i joined the other debators,,
My team:
2)AZMI(part 1)
3)Faz(part 1)who surrender right before the war begins!
4)Dayah(the noble steed)i love u Dayah!!
the tittle of the debate is
and everyone who has been in tha room(b5) would know what happen after that,,,hehe
debating with UiTM already debators do give us nerve..hehe...however
for me..that is the part of learning...
and i won't stop learning...

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