Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do you think it is rude to talk on your cell phone while being checked out at the grocery store?

I think it's completely rude to the cashier. What do you think?
I think it is not only rude to the cashier....but I think it is rude to subject everyone everywhere to conversations people are having on cellphones.

When one is speaking on one's phone, one may not realize it, but the truth is that the sound of a voice carries.....unless you are a physician taking care of an emergency call from your office regarding a patient....there is little else anyone else wants to have your conversation about held publicly in the middle of shopping, church, movies, wait lines, restaurants...anywhere...

I have stood in line behind people who are unloading their baskets with one arm....because the other arm is so busy holding onto a cellphone...then waited to pay while this person...considerably slowed down because they won't hang up long enough to handle the transaction in a way courteous not only to the cashier but to everyone else waiting in line behind them...

...I wish they didn't ....and I think several people are simply sick to the back teeth of dealing with people on those danged phones creating problems for everyone around them by doing so. And, basically, yes....if you are on your phone, do not expect a cashier, clerk, or anyone else in the world to stand and wait on you to finish.

Either get out of line...go anything except subject the rest of us to your conversations.... When you are ready to transact business, turn your phone off, transact your business...then leave.... Once you get outside turn your phone again....and then turn it off before you start up your car...l

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