Sunday, April 4, 2010

Siti wins more and more........

yeezzza,,,,tonite is my best nite i guess..why??
coz ct wins!!!
1)Anugerah Penyanyi Wanita Popular
2)Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular

ct looks absolutely stunning tonite,,,
even i cannot bear to not to look at her,,,eventhough she's in TV and i'm right here,on my furry2 sofa,with iced milo in my left hand and a slice of Gardenia bread in my right,,
Siti nurhaliza,,,u are outrageously amazing,,,,with the look,the voice,the
humanity,,,,,,u deserved to win,,,
no one can beat u,,,,even ,,,who's that guy,,,Mawi???~whose received a great cikaBOOOOOO from the audience when his name is mentioned ,,,,n Nabil????both of them can never put you down,,,,it is u yourself who keep hiking the mountain of greatness,,,
OMG!!!!how i wish to see u,,,taking a precious photo with u,,,
ask u to sign in my diary and
write a piece of word in there,,,,,oh Siti!!!!!!!
it is a great feeling to see u win back your throne,,,keep it up Siti,,


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