Tuesday, May 24, 2011

boring weekdays routines is it going?hope everyone is fine...
i'm at home..yes imma at home.
kinda lah...
sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday
i'm having the same boring-like-hell situation..
no no places to go..
irritating is it?
at this time i think..
its better for me to be at shah alam..
go to class and having lectures...kan?
(thats what best students had in mind)
hahahahaha...nope la...
my life here is boring as Friday song by rebecca black..
somehow,sometimes i think rebecca black is happier than me..hahahaa..
ya la...she's gona get down every friday.."kickin' on the back seat and blah blah blah...
hahahahaa..job?*stammer* a few job offer but still not in the mood of working...
just go there whenever i feel i like to..
what will i do in this fucking 4 months?no one knows..haha..
i will
sounds bright is it?
thats what an actor should do..
(pretend to be Julia Roberts)
the fun part about holiday is...
i still can earn money..hahaha...
hahahaha..where got?cant tell you..
i'm bussinesswoman now..=)

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