Tuesday, May 31, 2011


boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum.
a disease that can never be cured unless u have something interesting to do.of course laaa!if u have something interesting to do,u will not be boring at the first place!aiyyoohh!
and that is what i'm having right now..hahaha..i just laying helplessly on my bed surrounded by my fluffy pillows all over me and here i am!talking about boring and the gang!
pathetic person i am right?
friends?nahhh..dont wanna talk about them..i'm not fond of talking about them actually.hahaha...weird huh?but that's me.
and by the way..i'm listening to roberta flack..kinda soothing me out..hahaha...yes!killing me softly with his song..i tried this song so many times during my karoeke time..and not shocking..i can handle it..(snobbbbb)'s a good song like u can swing all over while close yr eyes..lalala..kind of jazzy a bit...wait!it is jazz song is it?haha..this is one of my greatest fav list.keep on listening to wait! just now i said i'm boring is it?but then here i am talking about a great song by roberta flack?who am i?RUMPLESTILLSKIN???bluahhhhh..hahaha..ok fine.actually i'm boring.but while writing this,i pla this song...duhh..have a nice day peeps! =)

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