Saturday, November 19, 2011


hello ! (bajet ade org bace blog) hehe
anyway,i just came back from MPH Mid Valley for Fazley's new book launching and today is my lucky day when i was called up to smack a ballon down tadi and to my surprise,Fazley asked me to sing a few lines of his quotes from the book. #CINTA.hehe..and i was like so nervous.
my hands,my voice...SHAKING !! (thinking of what music should i use)

and when i saw imran ajmain sit in front of me..i was like hey,why dont i use your song
and both of them #FAZLEY and #IMRANAJMAIN praised me for that !
"great voice ct"

and for sure i' jumping like a kangaroo (not physically jumping )
recall back six years before.
when i was in Form 3.Fazley come to my schools for the purpose of giving motivation session to all the prefect in the school.i was fuckingly excited when i knew about it but the excitement was called off because i was not a prefect back then :( but luckily i got a friend who knew hoow i adore this guy and willing to gimme Fazley's autograph and poster.and i still have that poster with me :) i pasted it on my door :) (and i even bought his album ,from caset to cd's) see..!

but since that my dream of meeting him in person remained a dream untill today yes today 19NOVEMBER2011 ,under the Mock Trial The Musical club,we were invited to go for the launching of his book :) and everything was like a dream come true then :) and i even told Fazley and all the poepl there about this story.and right after that "he grab a book on the table and give it me and said "take it,its on me "...(what do you expect me to react??!!)

omg i was so overwhealmed! up till now :P
and i got his autograph and not to forget ImranAjmain's too .and he was hell so very handsome!!!!! :)
and it was another great day passed :) memorable.

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