Sunday, November 13, 2011

broken inside.

has anyone ever been in the situation where you are being abandoned and tarnished...err..i mean its not like people cuss u all over mean people are just leaving you and forget you almost every side of their eyes could be?have you ?have you?

well if u ever been in that situation..cheerois! lets give applause ! clap clap clap (the sound you made when clapping) and thats means,,,hey....satu gang lah!
so...obviously..i AM in that situation whereby i've been waiting for someone only to say "hi,hallo" and whatnot can..but it ended up..apekejadahnya takde msg lnsg..?ape kejadahnye takde misscall....i mean?what are you playing?ha?apa you ingat i ni apa?a bonzai tree that you can come whenever you feel you want?

somehow i'm thinking that..."hey,you really playing the game kan?"
okay okay..if u insisting on playing...why not i join kan?lalala..
since you the one who started this kan..u dont have time for me...i bet.,tah u know my name lagi ke tak in your phone?

but that is fine...really worries..just wait till tou have some hindrances or some sort of problems,that is when you'll come to me...and as usual la...i'll accept you with my open heart...baik kan baik kan?

but seriously...if you are not interested to someone,could you just tell her right on the face "hey,we're just friends..i love someone else"
but if yo,yes YOU,sending cues that you seem to like her,give her hope,and then in the middle of the girl embraces the feeling of the FAKE hope,you ignored her like a pig ignoring the mud!

what a!!
and if you like her but yet you're not ready to commit....itsokay...but again..DO TELL HER!
you guys ni mcm ade problem of TELLING or infroming kan?why ah?come on..polish up your communication skill a may lead to broken heart u see..emm..that is why women are better than men in that..

and yet....dont ever complain if the girl just repeat the shits that you did....
remember,,,a tooth for a tooth...and in this give shits,it may fall back onto your face!


  1. amrina cob :lepas geram pon aku satu hape tak prepare lagi.hahahaaha

    marhan: you should..guys -.- kan?