Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and musical it should be lah :)

yes.we 'd finally come into our sense that "hey,we're doing musical so *)(&/.,[[#$ (sorry,due to confidentiality matter)
but so far tonight is one of the best nite of rehearsing for me lah...*personally*
you know what,sometimes its not about wanna be looked cool or *wah! cayalah* by others tau..its about you and your originality....its an art people..just be yourself..imagining yourself as a piece of art *some people may disagree*...
and improvising...and accepting others opinion...*just dont treat yourself as police-producer lah pulak! hahaha...
and we know,its not about can YOU do it ?! its all about can WE do it ?and shake it like a boom boom :)


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