Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tired.westlife.evergreen.gazebo Fac Of Law.alla fonte.

to be honest,i have no idea what is wrong with me today.obviously i'm not enough sleep.and i dont have any heart to "eh hi,how are you.ade class ke?eh itu eh ini" no no no no...since my mood had been spoiled when i saw the curly specky creatures with green shirt in class this morning...(seriously aku rasa nk lempang je kau).

kurang ajar?(so what?!)

its been 2 weeks since you annoys me with your innocent look.(tak payah nk bajet dok dekat2 la)
cause it wont work.once i dont like you.i dont like you forever.

anyway,to make this post in line with the caption,while writing this,i am listening to the collection of westlife's song..together with mira and atoi :) (racist la mcm ni,makan subway tak ajak kan)
and just painted my hand and labelled it on the piece of cloth for environmental purpose (rase berbaloi ke macam tu?kain tu,cat t ,buat kotor environment ade lah) hahhaa...but i'm being supportive kan .hehehe.

and in the middle of very2 malas to attend the class..
Malaysia Legal System you all..
let us be a good malaysian with a great value and adhere self regulation :)

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