Thursday, April 14, 2011

Malam Gala Karyawan

Prof Madya A.Razak Mohaideen

VC and Erra Fazira (i bet he's the man of the night)

Senator Jins Samsudin

of Nur Kasih,Mr.Kabir Bhatia

Datuk Sifu M.Nasir and wife

the veterans,,Mariani and Rosnani Jamil

Mr Ramli Ms and Kak Limah..hehehe

Iqram Dinzly =)

Zizan Nin

Rosyam Nor

we have Norman KRU and Norish Karman

ok peeps...!last night i dpt free pass utk attend satu malam anugerah yg for me..not bad la (kalau nk amik kira event tu fully supervised by student) of Tekar,(teknologi kreatif or what,lupa..)
smalam i think i'm the only Law student yg ade kat dalam tu while i was surrounded by them..the Tekarians la kan..

my first impression,
1)its a students dont expect much
2)its their first grand it can be

but then i changed my mind and "'s not a s bad as i expect it to be"
i enjoy most of the performanne..especially the Tarian Bako Satay..hehehe...
but sayangnya...ade a few yg kurang...especially dekat boyband tu..despite,their piper was amazing!stunning!
and why the hell they invited the duta tu.rase cm membazir a part...yeah...he got the song,but...ada yg lagi baik kot..heheheehe..

cooperation i puji!korg punye hardwork...tiptop!i learnt one or two thing last night..a leader,to be seen as perfect,u should have a great team mates...and you're guys are lucky..

and i'm a bit frustrated...sbb igt Tiz zaqyah dtg...tapi tak..hahaha
by the way...miss Hanis Zalikha pun ade smalam,,,,but nk snap tu...i dekat krusi audience je..dia dok depan..hehehehe..and she's gorgeous anyway =)

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