Wednesday, April 13, 2011

itchy handwriting

okay peeps.its been a long in journey (almost three sacred months in this very shah alam) since i updated my last post...and by this time i am laughing after watching a video on the president of czech is a pen stealer!..hehehehe..kantoi!but somehow i admire yr confident sire!u can steal a 20 dollar pen in front of massive media...salute!hats off!(sambil tabik)

what sould i say?
being here in shah alam..yeah..i'm proud of that..and still am.
but u see la kan...i'm a bit congested dgn ragam people dkat sini..ada yg macam siamang lah,,,burung gagak la.lipas lah..merak kayangan la...variety of people ada kat sini..and maybe like "someone" used to say.i'm in the middle of coperating with the new environment here cause somehow at the very first moment,i cant adapt the way of life here (maybe la) as one of my "spectator " said to my friend and better yet too happen,the friend of mine told me about this..hehehe..okay..thank you sbb caring..much much appreciate..=) (actually the one yg ckp mcm tu la yg troublesome nk adapt sbnrnye....i bet)

maybe to those yg dh bace my post before wonder how i handle those things tu kan..i can say..everything went smooth after that after i bace al fatihah evrytime i klua bilik nk ke kelas ad smile to anyone yg i bumped into..yah..that's me...senang sgt senyum kat org (SS)

by the way...people used to tag me as a loner..yeah...some leprechaurn used to speak on my behalf and tell others "hey you know,she's some kind of this,she's some kind of that"
GOSHHHH people..awat la suka sgt ckp pasal org ni ha?kesian org tu tau...and kesian u sbb i pernah mencarut and sumpah seranah u sbb u buat i macam tu..takmau kawan,hahaha
okayy..the way i said taknak kwn is so like ...Gedik!

hahaha..tu lah,,never wonder yg ade some mutants yg adore i sgt smpai sebok2 nak amik tau pasal i..sebok2 nk tolong buat statement untuk i...macam i ni artis plak,,org ckp mcm tu ,,mcm ni..i was like "WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME?duhhh..

tak pasal2 i blur everytime people approached i and tnya "hey,betul ke u ni mcm tu mcm ni?"

oh morething i realised about life is..there's some people love to use other for their own interest...wanna know how i realised?i've been there ok!
some jerk ada yg terhegeh2 cam ape je bile ade problems and leave me without nothing bila dh dpt ape yg die nak.......(sobs sobs sobs) i crying??nope...i just....~sigh~wonder apesal la lebai malang sangat nasib aku ni..hahahaa..
tapi actually,simpel shit stuffs mcm tu tak burden i pun,,its just...ade org mcm tu rupenye.i thought it was just a tale..hehehe...dulu tak pecaye woo..skli kene...wa pecaye sampi mati....sambil buat rempitzz..

and i pun dh tak kesah dh now.i do everythg my way...kalau u agree ikot..if not..emm..u see the exit door out there?u can walk there and run along the stairs and go to h*ll..hehehehe..sangat brani kan abah i bace ni mesti dia marah.heheehe

plus..i rase skrg ni better i maintain myself this way...em..somehow this way works well on me..hehehe..and i'm happy for the sake of...i have my life and i own it...nothing can come in front and jeorpady me...if ade yg nk jeorpady jugak...i karate guna chakura naruto...dush dush..i gangster tau!!!

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