Friday, June 11, 2010

a heck of fun nyte,,

last nite,,,after having a beautiful chop2 dinner with Nurul Hafidza Abdul Razak,,,i wondered,,,'katne eh nk lepak satg?",,then Un said,,,"try ajak dorg"hahahah..bongok toll,,,,,then I messaged the Little Sepet and asked her,,"eh,,,come on ah,,lepak2,,,"...coz sume da mcm shit boring gilak,,hahahaha..then The Sepet said..."umm,,betol ke ajk lepaK,,BOLEH JE"hahaha,,,so,,the Lepaking thing berjaya dgn jayanya,,hahaha,,,,,
it was nice to got to know someone ......even it was our first lepak,,,,but,,,I could say dat,,,it's a kick start,,hahaha,,,but I kene bantai seindah2 nye by Ain,,,,n Sepet,,,u'd been laughing at me like ape kan,,hahahah,,,ok,,now i remember wht do u mean by,,,
Laugh With Action,,hahahaha,,,,i did it,,hahahahaha,,,,
last nite,,ade org tnye nape eh die special case,,,n i answered back,,,,,"nothing,,its like when u tgk someone n rase cm nk baling kulit pisang kat die"..haha,,tu je,,,and at the same time,,,,,mate Sepet,,,,i knew someone with charming Sepet eyes and still knowing him till now,,hehehe,,,but it's not everytime i see Little Sepet,,i teros igt die,,,xde maknenye,,,,gelimat!!!!!!hahahahhaahhaa...
but i'll make sure that last nite will not be our last lepak,,,,,we have lots more to go,,hihihi,,till the end of this sem,,hahahahahaha,,,,
anyway,,,,u guys are really gilak2!!!!hahaha

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