Monday, May 10, 2010

"the Ashes" finally found,,,

ashes,,mybe some of u r wondering,,wfor God sake,,,y u put this picture,,haha,,,only certain pople know the significant of this picture,,hwevr,,that person is no more,,, more in my life lah,,bukan mati,,,,hehe

ok,,,juz now i sesaje je type "a secret name" in the search kolum in facebook,,,n guess who i find...its "the ashes"...hehehe...well,,,"the Ashes"has totally changed...but still charming like before,,huhuhuhu,,,well,,its quite tough for me at dat particular time,,,,coz my heart brdebar2,,,,my jntong dupdap2,,,,my tangan shaking,,,,i wonder y,,,hahahaha,,,,up 2 me la,,hahaha...unfortunately,,,,i cant add "the ashes" as my fren coz i already knew ,,,if i add "the ashes",,,,i will be rather ignored,,heheh,,,so,,,i prefer never adding "the ashes"..
but i left "the Ashes" a msg,,,,
I wrote.."i knw we cant be like b4,,but lets b fren"...n i hope "the ashes" read it,,, feels gud to find burned memories.....

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