Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my bad....

they are great people,,,they are great frens,,(some of them)..but...still,,,i hv to do this,,,,this time,,otherwise i can't do it forever,,,i'm terribly sory,,,,,i need to rmove u all,,,at some parts,,,i rase,,mybe kite x sesuwei utk enjoy FB together,,so,,i decide the best way to be fair,,i kene remove u all gak,,em,,ats dsr,,,i pom xtau reason die,,,n xde reason tuh,,if ade slh silap pon,,i rase mybe sbb i,,,i xboleh la,,,i rase dianiaya ke cm mne,,i xtau,,yg i tau,,i tetap xbleh da nk stick ngn korg,,,,

dont ever feel hurt,,,cos i always hurt more,,,,

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