Monday, May 10, 2010


ok,,once again,..i've been asked,,where is my direction when i'm posting sumtim on my blog..,,
hey y'all..let me emphasize that,,,(actually i"d beeen saying this a few times b4)
but never mind lah,,,,maybe some of u didn't understand the acronyms NRL...
(No Repetition Lectures)hehe..learns your acronym okeh bebe,haha..

simply saying that,,,i'm not a tegar blogger that keep reviewing news only to get news,,,i jus wrote what i feel inside me,,juz wanna share,,just note dat..i'm not a serious blogger,,,understood,,i'm not into that yet,,,i juz wanna make my blog a place where people can say sumtin other than politics,,government,,,~i think that r part of boring stuff that you people keep on longing for,,hahaha~yet,,the boring is da important one~hahaha..
okay2,,,,i do hav my direction,,but that's only for entertainment purpose,,not more than that,,,that's y,,this blog is so call MY BLOG!,,,so,,,it needs to be done my way,,hahaha,,
this is a very leisure n casual blog,,,but as i said,,,anything can go serious,,,but depending on time,,i can't be serious all time,,yet people will judge me as a hipo stereotype,,haha,,maybe i will be discussing sumtim serious later,,,but it will be done my way,,,mybe the content is serious,,,but the presentation may be very casual,,,dun wory,,,i'm not 100% happy2 type person,,,i do hv my own matured side,,,but to present it now,,i dont think so,,hehehe

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